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3 Corporate Wellness Exercise Tips

by Hanson Medical Systems

All over America, people are learning about the high cost of poor health. For the wealthiest nation on earth, being out of shape is a privilege. Most of us aren’t wrapped up in the nuts and bolts of survival, meaning we have a lot of time to chill out, eat the foods we enjoy the most, and otherwise vegetate. Sedentary living is with us at home and in the office. And while it’s nice not to have to toil in the field or chase prey through the forest for food, the perks of modern living can take a toll on our bodies.

“First world diseases,” like many autoimmune syndromes and type 2 diabetes (to name a few), afflict citizens of wealthy countries more than those of poor countries. Illnesses like these are not always the result of sedentary living and rich diet, but these are major contributors in many cases. With healthcare costs skyrocketing, businesses and the individuals they employ are starting to learn that they can’t afford (literally) to live this way any longer.

Staying healthy actually saves people money long-term, but it takes other circumstances to motivate individuals to put this “head knowledge” into real practice. The question is: How can businesses convince their employees to exercise and get healthy without being pushy or unprofessional about it? Here are a few ways.

  1. Lead By Example. If big changes are needed to reach your employee wellness goals, it’s time for you to break a sweat. Business owners and management should be fit as a fiddle. This will probably have more impact than you can imagine. Without having to guilt trip, incentivize, or even talk about fitness at all, you’ll be demonstrating that wellness is a priority for successful people. Of course, you shouldn’t expect your personal health to be a shining example without otherwise treating your employees well, but for admired leaders, healthy living can be a shining example.
  2. Provide Positive Reinforcement. Compliments work a lot better than criticism. And many businesses have gotten great results by providing financial incentives for people who meet their health goals. In most cases, financial rewards will cost much less than paying for healthcare for an employee who is unhealthy. Hanson Medical Systems provides healthcare consulting services. Hanson can help you learn how best to implement corporate wellness incentive strategies like this, as well as provide alternative solutions tailored to your company’s needs.
  3. Use POC Tests. If your corporate wellness plan includes an onsite clinic, POC tests should be a major part of the services you offer. Hanson Medical Systems offers many POC Tests, including simple and pain-free tests for colorectal cancer, influenza, blood pressure, bone density testing, diabetes, and many more. Employee wellness is much easier to inspire when each employee understands where he or she stands with regard to personal health. Tests like the ones above can be a tremendous force, motivating people to exercise and eat right.

There are many other ways to help boost wellness: offering personal training with gym membership benefits, providing educational workshops about staying fit in convenient ways, organizing competitions with other companies or departments. Whatever works for your group, real employee wellness has loads of benefits and no real downsides. Hanson Medical Systems can help you make it a reality in your company.

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