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Top 3 Reasons People Choose CardioChek Plus Analyzer

by Hanson Medical Systems

When making a purchase that pertains to your health, what considerations should be made? Quality is key, of course. When you are seeking to purchase a product that you will use routinely or even daily, you need to also consider convenience, functionality, and ease of use.

For people with chronic health problems such as diabetes or high cholesterol, the impact of what type of medical testing device they choose can be enormous. That is why most people choose the CardioChek Plus Analyzer. Here are the top 3 reasons why the CardioChek Plus Analyzer is among the most popular and widely used medical devices.


Convenience of use

For starters, the device is a handheld unit. That means it can be easily transported without requiring bulky cases or bags. If you need to perform testing on a daily basis, it makes sense to select an analyzer that can travel with you. Whether you are on vacation or need to perform testing at work, the CardioChek Plus Analyzer will meet your needs with a compact and durable design.

This facet of the design makes it a primary choice for mobile POC testing and health fairs. The medical staff can quickly and easily set up shop and start testing. When the event has been completed, there are no bulky bags or wires that need to be packed up.


Testing glucose levels and lipid profile

Another premier feature of the CardioChek Plus Analyzer is testing glucose levels as well as obtaining lipid profiles. These features are critical when it comes to monitoring health conditions, especially when managing a chronic condition. This is an amazing feature for someone who may be at risk of diabetes or heart problems. Saving just 5 minutes a day by testing both simultaneously will save up to 30 hours in just one year.


A wide range of other great features

This device also offers state of the art features that may not be found in the typical device. The CardioChek Plus can be outfitted to print results with a simple USB connection made to the printing unit.  It also has full wireless capability for receiving and transmitting. It is ISO certified as well as certified by the FCC for these functions.

Results can be reported in just about 90 seconds, which is very important in the busy world we live in today. This beats having to schedule an appointment with your doctor or having to perform a fasted test at a local health fair or biometric screening. The time is valuable, but it would also save a large amount of money for someone who may need testing or monitoring at regular intervals.

With all the modern features and simple functionality of the CardioChek Plus Analyzer, it is easy to understand why it is a top choice among healthcare professionals and individuals alike. It gives the ability to report glucose levels and lipid profiles quickly and with certified accuracy. Complicated medical testing equipment has been turned into a quick and easy to use device that is compact enough to be handheld.

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