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3 Ways to Eliminate Stress in the Workplace

help stressed employees in the workplace
by Hanson Medical Systems

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As any reader of this blog knows, stress contributes to health problems as much or more than any other lifestyle factor. Chronic stress damages DNA on a fundamental level. It lowers the immune system. It contributes to atherosclerosis and countless other maladies.

Much of the stress we deal with in life is outside of our control. Perhaps it’s baked into a job, a family, or the region where you live. These are aspects of life that are not easily changed. Rather than dealing with perpetual stress as a result, it’s important to incorporate techniques and environmental changes that reduce stress and improve peace of mind.

It’s possible to do this on behalf of your employees or community members. Employee health is a key factor in ongoing productivity and business success. It’s also integral to company culture. Here are some simple changes you can make around the office to make people less stressed.


  1. Onsite Clinic. Hanson Medical Systems is in the business of initiating and outfitting onsite clinics. We have an array of POC tests that can provide excellent primary care without taking an employee out for the day to make a doctor’s appointment. At this point in United States history, many people are still without health insurance. Depending on the size and nature of your company, this may include some of your employees. By providing a strong standard of primary care within the walls of your office, you can help eliminate employee stress. Those without good health coverage will no longer have to wonder where their primary care is coming from.
  2. Natural Beauty. Offices aren’t required to be plain and sterile-looking. When we incorporate living plants and flowers into office spaces, their effect on the atmosphere of the place can be revolutionary. People feel more at peace among natural beauty, even if it comes from a pot hanging on a wall. Certain plants also help to freshen the air and provide a pleasing natural fragrance. Plants need regular care, which can give employees satisfaction through a short break in the day to water the flowers. If you really want to get ambitious, create a community garden outside for employees to grow veggies, ornamentals, herbs, and whatever else. This can be a community health resource as well.
  3. Workplace Mobility. A growing trend in the American workplace is to allow employees increased freedom of work location. Perhaps you’re not ready to make this available 5 days a week, but allowing employees to work from home occasionally, or to come in when they want (as long as their work is completed well and on time), may give employee morale a boost and eliminate stress in the same stroke.

There are many causes of stress. No one is immune to the effects of stress on the body. But there are also many ways to deal with stress in a healthy way. If stress typifies the environment at your place of business, let Hanson Medical Systems help you incorporate stress-relieving techniques into your business plan. Hanson Medical Systems has much experience in this regard, and we may have some tactics that surprise you.

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