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4 Foods to Help Your Employees Combat Anxiety

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by Hanson Medical Systems

1-2% of the population of adults in the United States are reported to struggle with chronic anxiety. Even more people deal with situational or seasonal anxiety. There are a limitless number of external factors, such as holidays or social gatherings. The number of commercials you see on television should serve as proof that anxiety is a huge issue for Americans. The best way to combat anxiety is to focus on the factors that we can control. One of the key factors under our control is diet and nutrition.

There are several foods and food groups that supply necessary nutritional value and vitamins that can assist the human brain or immune system against feelings of anxiety. These foods are often a major focus of health fairs and community events.  If people are able incorporate these healthy foods into a daily routine, they can lessen the effects of anxiety.



Nutritionists have been boasting about the nutritional value of nuts for years. Almonds have an excellent balance of proteins and essential fatty acids. They are an ideal afternoon snack. Many people seeking to make healthy changes will trade that afternoon candy bar for an ounce of almonds. One thing that is often overlooked is the amount of B vitamins that almonds can provide. B vitamins are known to improve mental function and have mood boosting characteristics. The protein in almonds also helps solidify them as a key snack for a healthy overall diet.



Steamed asparagus is a traditional side dish that packs a great deal of folic acid to help you combat feelings of anxiety. Folic acid has effects on overall energy levels. It is also known to help boost moods in moderate amounts. Asparagus is super easy to cook. You can steam the asparagus stalks or sauté them. Just watch how much salt and butter you add to make sure you don’t reduce the healthiness.  The overall nutritional content of spinach is also great for increasing energy levels and supporting the immune system.



We joke every year that turkey makes you sleepy. After a great Thanksgiving dinner, many of us search for a nearby couch to take a nap. This can be attributed to the tryptophan included in the turkey meat. What many of us don’t know is that tryptophan is known to increase positive feelings. This is because it boosts production of serotonin, which helps regulate cortisol production.  These help combat anxiety.



Spinach provides high levels of iron and magnesium. It is a staple vegetable of a healthy diet. The magnesium helps support a healthy immune system and improves your mood. Spinach contains many key nutrients that are part of a balanced diet.


Reach Out for Help

When planning your next health fair, reach out to a local medical institution or group of nutritionists. They can help with expert advice and input to meet the needs of your workforce. Many offer POC testing in addition to coaching individuals and groups. These types of services may be exactly what people in your company are looking for. Even for those not struggling to combat anxiety, eating the right foods will have an overall positive impact on their health.

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