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4 Indicators That an Onsite Clinic is Right for Your Company

by Hanson Medical Systems

An onsite clinic is a medical clinic that is located at or near the workplace. Onsite clinics are becoming increasingly popular for many large companies. The clinics provide trained physicians or doctors and resources that one would find at a common doctor’s office, including healthcare consulting, point of care diagnostics, employee wellness programs, etc. It is also common for companies with onsite clinics to provide 24/7 medical care and access to employees. Read below to find out if the onsite clinic is right for your company.

4 indicators that an onsite clinic is right for your company include the following:

  1. Your company wants to promote employee wellness
  2. Your employees want the most affordable care
  3. Your employees want convenient access to healthcare
  4. Your company wants to save time and money


Onsite clinics are for those looking to promote employee wellness

Employees are more likely to visit a healthcare consultant if they are onsite at the office, versus having to schedule an appointment and take time off work. The clinic is also a great resource and can provide helpful information directly to employees. Staff that work at the onsite clinics can host health fairs and health and wellness programs. Many large corporations nowadays are adding fitness centers or classes as another way to promote employee wellness. Employees who participate in health and wellness programs are often happier, leading to a more positive workplace for everyone.


Onsite clinics are for those who want affordable care for employees

Everyone wants the best healthcare at the best price. By having an onsite clinic, employers can provide affordable healthcare to employees. The onsite clinics often allow employees’ family members to visit the clinic. Spending money on doctors’ visits and overall healthcare expenses is a huge concern for most people. Employees are happier when they can get access to healthcare for themselves and family members at an affordable rate.


Onsite clinics are for those employees who want convenient care

Very few people enjoy the time it takes to drive to the doctor, and then the time spent waiting around to be seen by the doctor. An onsite clinic allows employees to be seen by a doctor without having to commute across town or waste time in a waiting room. Onsite clinics are the most convenient ways to access healthcare. Convenient access to healthcare also shows employees that the employer cares about their time and needs. This is what employees look for in a company.


Onsite clinics are for those who want to save employees’ time and money

Do any of your employees spend hours each week missing work due to doctors’ appointments? You can bet on it. When an employee is sick, they have to call in to miss work, schedule a doctor’s appointment, drive to the doctor, and sometimes end up missing days of work. This is often the case for something as simple as a common cold or ear infection. If your workplace had an onsite clinic, think of the hours and money the company would save, as employees would not be taking off as much time. Onsite clinics provide point of care diagnostics. Common colds and other less serious illnesses or injuries could be taken care of early, or right when someone needs medical attention. This would result in less employees missing work, saving the company money.


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