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5 Signs Your Workforce is Due for a Health Screening

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Every company, big and small, does its part to protect its employees’ health. However, many stop at offering health insurance. Providing screening for common health issues is a great way to go above and beyond for your staff. Here are 5 signs your workforce is due for a health screening.

1. Sick Days Are Up

While the common cold is sure to make its way through your staff at least a few times each year, an increase in the number of call ins might make you want to think about employee wellness. High sugar diets, lack of sleep, and stress can all cause low immunity, but if it seems like some of your employees are struggling to stay healthy, an underlying issue might be the cause. Some health problems can make a person just “not feel good,” including undiagnosed heart or thyroid diseases and vitamin deficiencies. Help your employees discover any problems by offering health screening services.

2. Energy Is Down

If it seems like no one in the office gets up and moving, there is a good chance your workforce is already at risk for obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Physical exercise is a must for staying healthy. If you notice more people yawning at their desk and fewer walking laps during their breaks, it is time to make a change. A health fair, complete with screening opportunities, is a great way to get them to start living a more active life.

3. Bad Habits Are Everywhere

Lots of fast food lunches? More smoking breaks? Sugary snacks in the break room every day? The daily habits of your employees can reveal a lot about their risks for countless health problems. Don’t assume your employees are prioritizing their health on their off-time. Their bad habits are likely following them home.

Diet and lifestyle are huge indicators of overall health, but many people do not go see their doctor (often out of fear or lack of time). Mobile health testing or point of care diagnostics just might be the convenient way to get your employees back on track. With a little encouragement and the right resources, they can make a change.

4. Your Workforce Is ‘At Risk’

Age is a risk factor for many types of disease including cancer, heart attack, and stroke. Your workforce is getting older every day, and because of that, their risk for many health conditions is always going up. If you are not sure what type of testing is relevant to your workforce, use health care consultancy services like those offered by Hanson Medical Systems Inc. We can help you develop a personalized plan for keeping your employees well-informed about how their health picture will change over time.

5. It Has Been Over a Year

Many tests like cholesterol screening and blood pressure monitoring should be completed at least once per year. If it has been over a year since your last health event, your employees are definitely due for another round.

Yearly screening gets your employees aware of any potential problems before it is too late, and keeps your workforce educated about their upcoming health needs. Yearly visits are also great opportunities to get everyone up to date on immunizations (like the flu shot). Skipping a year could have disastrous short and long-term effects, not only on individual employees but for the entire workforce.

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Health screening takes just a few moments, and it is a convenient way to help your employees stay healthy. Organizing opportunities for screening does not take a lot of effort, and you just might save the life of an employee who means a lot to you. There are many ways to make health screening a part of your company. Call Hanson Medical Systems Inc. today to learn more!

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