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5 Ways Office Healthcare Programs Add Value

by Hanson Medical Systems

One of Hanson Medical System’s specialties is on site testing for workplace health and wellness programs. If you have a work-site clinic, or are thinking about incorporating such a facility into your company, you already know the personal and financial benefits that make such facilities beneficial.

On site testing is one of the many ways that the healthcare industry is restructuring following the changes required by the Affordable Care Act. Insurance companies around the country are starting to invest in low cost urgent care centers, as many self funded businesses are finding ways to cut costs by providing more robust in-house healthcare offerings to employees.

This is where Hanson Medical Systems comes in. We provide consultation services for the better implementation of these new healthcare strategies for your company’s new or existing health and wellness program. We also provide the POC testing resources you need to make it all work. Here are a few examples of some of our best POC testing products.

  1. Cholesterol/Lipid TestingMeasuring cholesterol levels in the blood has never been more convenient with Hanson’s wide array of testing resources. We carry all of the CardioChek analyzers you’ve grown to trust for accuracy.
  2. Prostate Testing. Don’t worry, our modern prostate tests are more comfortable than you think. With the prick of a finger, an employee’s prostate health can be ascertained within 24-48 hours, along with key information about testosterone and other hormone levels.
  3. Strep Testing. Like so many seasonal infections, strep can lay waste to a workforce in the close quarters of an office. Catch the first case of strep fast, with easy tests that we supply. When your on site testing is known as the go-to place for this kind of thing, you can catch bugs like strep before the send your employees home sick.
  4. Drug Testing. Drug testing is faster and more accurate than ever before. While not all businesses will find this necessary, it’s an irreplaceable part of some health and wellness programming.
  5. Audiology Testing. Audiology testing is something every adult should have performed at least every couple of years. It’s an easy procedure to let slip by even though it’s quick to complete. By having the necessary equipment available on site, you can make it easy (even fun) for an employee to find out this important information about his or her developing health history. In many cases, this knowledge will help facilitate positive changes in health behavior over the long term.

Every time you can help an employee stay healthy, save him or her a trip to an outside medical facility, or offer peace of mind through convenient same-day testing, you create a better workplace for all of your employees and a better bottom line. Healthcare costs are harder to manage for everyone, but by bringing more procedures under your roof, you’ll save and make spending more efficient.

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