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A Quick POC Test For Prostate Health

point of care test for prostate cancer
by Hanson Medical Systems

Prostate health is on the mind of every man over the age of 50 (and a good deal younger than that). This is because prostate health is central to sexual health. The prostate is also a vulnerable gland within the body. Prostates are prone to cancer, which develops in many adult males beyond a certain age. With prostate cancer, it’s not so much a question of if, but when. Fortunately for most men, prostate cancer develops sufficiently late in life to not be a major cause for concern.

For younger men who develop prostate cancer, the prognosis is often grim. Prostate cancer has impacted the lives of celebrities and heads of state as well as members of our own families. Prostate cancer treatment is improving every year, but the key to a complete recovery is an early diagnosis. This is where community health tends to fail the public.

Men are typically diagnosed with prostate cancer during their 60s. One in seven men develop this disease, and it’s usually somewhat advanced when it’s discovered, though still isolated within the body. Many men diagnosed with prostate cancer respond well to treatment, or have the prostate entirely removed well before metastasis. For these reasons, only one in 39 men die of prostate cancer, a rate that is slowing every year.

Early detection can often prevent prostate cancer leading to death, or could at least extend lives. This is where POC tests for prostate health come in. POC testing, in many forms, is already a familiar part of many corporate health, employee health, and community health plans. And modern tests are so affordable and simple to use, they aren’t nearly accessible enough.

Hanson Medical Systems sells a simple finger-prick test that can be administered by anyone and does not require licensing. The test determines the levels of prostate-specific antigen in the blood; a body chemical that can be elevated during prostate cancer. Testosterone level testing is another benefit of this test, and with quick results.

Men tend to think of prostate exams as awkward, uncomfortable affairs. Anxiety about this procedure has been known to keep some men from the exam room, even when such a test could help save their lives. It’s important for men to know that a simple blood test can work wonders in testing for prostate health. In many areas where such testing is common, participation rates are high.

For this reason, prostate testing should be part of every corporate health and community health plan. For employers looking to cut down on employee health costs, the benefits of preventing cancer, compared to the costs of treating it, are obvious. In many cases, people simply don’t know that such simple and effective tests are available and affordable. Hanson Medical Systems has many POC test types that can do great work in preventing health crises before they occur. Contact Hanson Medical Systems today to find out more ways that POC tests like this can change your corporate or community environment for the better.

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