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Aging Gently – Preventing Chronic Illnesses with Hanson Medical Systems

by Hanson Medical Systems

I’d know that smell anywhere.

No matter who you are, there are challenges to face as you get older. Hanson Medical Systems likes to place itself in the intersection between individuals and new personal standards of health and wellness. No matter who you are, there are ways to improve your lifestyle as it pertains to health. Whether you are an individual, or a representative of community health or corporate health, there are trustworthy ways to promote healthy aging, also known as “aging gently”.



  • The Rewards of Healthy Food. We talk a lot about diet on this blog, but that’s because the benefits of healthy eating are so far-reaching. Maintaining a healthy weight prevents conditions like arthritis and diabetes, as is commonly known. Recently, obesity has been linked to the development of 11 different cancers. Aging gently is largely achieved by finding a balance between what you enjoy eating and what you choose to eat. By finding the right balance, you can avoid many of the illnesses that crop up as we get older.




  • Oral Health. Not everybody has dental insurance, a situation that has been known to keep adults out of the dentist’s chair for years at a time. Whether or not you have an insurance program to pay for it, regular teeth cleanings are important for lifelong oral health. You’ll have less pain and suffering (and more teeth in your mouth) as you age if you make this a priority as you get older.




  • Avoid Stress. Stress has a more negative impact on immune system health than nearly any other factor. A compromised immune system can give way to fatigue and more frequent than normal illness. It is also a precursor to cancer and autoimmune diseases like arthritis. Hanson Medical Systems has many POC tests that can help precipitate changes that will benefit individuals’ immune systems. We can help you employ them at your onsite clinic or health fair. As we reported in a recent blog post, adequate sleep has a major impact on immune system function. Make it a priority!




  • Fitness. It’s not necessary to run a marathon to stay healthy, but it is important to be fit enough to preserve health and mobility. Daily exercise can fight high blood pressure, heart disease and the common effects of sedentary living. If you want to promote fitness in your office or community, help provide access to fitness facilities, or organize sports and active games that members of your community can participate in.




  • See a Doctor. Many people go years without seeing a doctor, even with healthcare coverage. Making regular doctor appointments, at a private practice or onsite clinic, can help stop developing conditions before they start. Doctors can provide lots of perspective you can’t get on your own, giving you actionable steps to be a lot healthier as you age.

Hanson Medical Systems has many tools to improve and preserve health for communities and businesses. If you have any questions about how to implement new health standards, for yourself or your employees, talk to Hanson Medical Systems today.

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