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Answering Community Questions About President Trump’s Health Plan

Speaker with American Health Care Act
by Hanson Medical Systems

There has been much ballyhoo since the House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. No matter where you stand on this issue, you’re sure to hear a lot about it, especially if you are a health care provider. Hanson Medical Systems provides health care consulting services to help health care providers adjust to changes in the health care landscape. If you are receiving questions from the people in your community or network, here are the best ways to communicate accurately and calm fears.



  • The Bill Has a Long Way to Go. While the bill, in its present form, would do away with equal coverage requirements for people with pre-existing conditions, this and other aspects of the bill are not in their final form. The bill has to pass the Senate, where it will be debated and modified. Then the bill will return to the House of Representatives. Only then will it go to the desk of the President, but the bill could encounter much resistance and alteration along the way. If it makes it all the way through these steps, the bill will have tremendous ramifications for community health, but that won’t be for a long time yet.




  • Now is the Time to Make Your Voice Heard. If you have strong feelings on the subject of the Republican health care plan, it’s important that you contact your representatives now. Whether or not you support the way your representatives voted or plan to vote in the future, your support or ire should be delivered either by phone, post, or email. Attend a town hall if you want to make an even more meaningful impression. New health care legislation should represent the wishes of the American electorate. If the patients or community members in your care have strong opinions about the newest legislative development, it’s important to direct their energy in the right direction.




  • If You Have Insurance, Use it Now. If the bill were to pass in its present form, many Americans would lose health care or find it much more expensive. Others will have cheaper health care. Because no one really knows what form the bill will finally take, if any, it’s important to take advantage of the positive aspects of the health care system we have now. If you are insured, don’t wait to see a doctor or specialist about issues that concern you. Tell the patients you talk with to do the same.

American health care is perhaps the most intense hot button issue of the early part of Donald Trump’s Presidency. Hanson Medical Systems won’t wade into the weeds of American political discourse. We try to serve our customers well regardless of the current regulatory environment. Sometimes this means communicating good information to people who are confused. Sometimes it means encouraging patients to take their voices to the people who make these laws. In the end, the American health care system will adjust to any decisions made in Washington. But in the meantime, it’s important to help real patients make these difficult transitions a little more easily.

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