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Biking to Work for Employee Health

by Hanson Medical Systems

At the Hanson Medical Systems Blog, we frequently talk about ways that you can contribute to the health of your employees from within the walls of your company. There’s a lot to be said for onsite clinics, POC tests, and healthy snack options in the vending machines, but what if you could facilitate a healthy lifestyle change during the time your employees spend outside of work?

Of course, your employee’s time is their own, and it’s not a good idea to be too strident in attempts to insert your agenda into their off hours. On the other hand, there are subtle ways to make healthy living more convenient for everyone at work, without becoming a 24/7 dictator.


One example is bike riding. Cities around America are investing in infrastructure that makes it easier to ride a bike. We’re starting to see bike trails cutting through parks, connecting previously isolated city regions. Generous bicycle lanes are being built, with protective rails separating cyclists from traffic. Bicycle racks and stands are becoming more prevalent at grocery stores, libraries, and public buildings. Why not do the same at the office?

It’s hard for some employees to bike to work, just because their workplace does little to accommodate their needs. Every office in America has parking lots for cars, but few have a spot to lock your bike, or bring it in from the weather.

If you happen to be a cyclist, why not start a trend by putting up some hanging bike racks in an available space at the office. Start riding to work and leave your bicycle there every day. Your example will make an impression, even if you don’t send out a memo about it.

The Benefits of Cycling

Bicycle riding is one of the best ways to stay fit in the modern world. Most people live a 10-30 minute bike ride from their workplace, a journey just long enough to provide meaningful cardiovascular exercise, to burn a bunch of calories, and build strong muscles in the legs, butt, and core.

Bicycle riding is especially relevant to people who don’t necessarily consider themselves fitness-minded. Cycling serves a practical purpose. It takes you from point A to point B, without the high costs of car ownership, and the economic tax of burning carbon based fuels. Many people who would never set foot in a gym will ride a bicycle. It just makes sense.

To further incentivize bike riding to work, make a deal with a local bike repair business. Many of these shops have great prices, and also have affordable new and used bicycles for people not already outfitted with a ride of their own.
Sometimes it’s the little things. Bike riding isn’t a big lifestyle change, but it can make a big difference for employee health. Putting up bike racks isn’t a huge investment, but it can make biking to work 100% more convenient. Hanson Medical Systems has seen small changes make a big difference for employee health, and we hope you’ll take this one into consideration.

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