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How a Body Fat Analyzer Can Help Save Employees’ Lives

Body Fat Analyzer
by Hanson Medical Systems

Body fat is a sensitive subject for many groups of people. In addition to physical appearance, body fat has enormous impacts on individual health and well-being. That is why a number of successful organizations and companies are incorporating body fat analyzers into corporate wellness programs via poc testing. These devices can report individual body fat percentages in just moments.

Body fat is a critical element of health

The main reason to want to know body fat is because of the many health implications. Obesity is a widespread health problem in the country. Large and small companies lose huge amounts of money and productivity due to illnesses and medical conditions associated with high percentages of body fat.
Corporate wellness programs tend to focus on behavior patterns such as smoking or living a sedentary lifestyle. That is why many companies urge employees to maintain an active lifestyle or engage in smoking cessation programs. These topics are also part of building curriculum for an effective health fair or community event.
High body fat can be linked to medical conditions such as diabetes and heart attack rates. Becoming aware of the risks as well as knowing body fat readings can help a person understand the importance of their health and personal decisions. Many companies have implemented poc testing into their mobile health clinics to include body fat analyzers. Finding your body fat is for more than just athletes and bodybuilders. It is now part of many corporate wellness programs and health fairs.

Motivation and Self Esteem

Motivating employees to make positive life changes is one of the most important things a company can do. Inspiring change and benefiting employees certainly boosts productivity and allows them to be happier and healthier. Body fat percentage is key in health as well as personal self-esteem. Cultivating messages of positivism and healthy relationships with food and exercise is a fantastic endeavor. Employees who are healthier tend to miss less days of work and are also more productive in several ways. Even more importantly, they can boost morale because they may have a more positive attitude. Even a minor change in one employee’s attitude is enough to create a wave of positivism throughout a department or small group.

Spin a tricky subject into a positive

Many companies and even medical organizations tend to overlook the subject of body fat because it tends to carry emotional baggage. However, some companies have started corporate wellness programs that incentivize physical activity and reductions in body fat percentage. Some teams will break off into support or accountability groups to help keep each other motivated. This further cultivates a feeling of comradery and bonding within a company, which helps morale in a big way.

Don’t Judge

No matter what the body fat analyzer says, be careful not to judge or discuss employee readings. Like any poc testing or medical check, privacy is a key component of the process. Allow the professionals and health fair contributors to do their job and foster constructive emotions in the process. This will create a higher probability of your employees learning and using access to the body fat analyzer to motivate and inspire healthy actions and changes.

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