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Why CardioChek has a Cholesterol Test for Everyone

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Risks of high cholesterol

High cholesterol presents a host of medical issues that can be acute or chronic. Cholesterol requires specific testing protocol, and is not easily measured. It can lead to blood flow issues that can result in a stroke or heart attack. Having sustained high levels of cholesterol drives up the risk for these types of critical failures. The major issue is that it leads to poor arterial health, which affects blood flow.

With restrictions and blockages to blood flow, vital organs such as the heart must work harder to supply blood throughout the body. When the heart overworks to the point of exhaustion over a long period of time, that person may go into cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is a more technical term for experiencing a heart attack. Similarly, a stroke is caused by acute restrictions of blood flow to specific parts of the face and brain.

There are many reasons to check cholesterol levels, but only a few ways to monitor accurately. The most crucial part of cholesterol maintenance is the awareness of the effects and importance of the process.


Test at health fair

Many companies have established corporate wellness programs that include or require employees to have a cholesterol analysis performed regularly. While some are required quarterly depending upon need or medical history, they are typically scheduled annually. With the landscape changing for medical insurance and healthcare providers, many insurance companies will offer or mandate that employees take part in these types of risk assessments. Taking care of chronic health problems, such as high cholesterol, at early stages will reduce the personal and financial costs of managing symptoms down the road.

It is possible, although less common, for corporate wellness programs to orchestrate health fairs that will include testing of this detail. Most accurate cholesterol checks are more invasive than a simple check of body mass index or blood pressure. Health fairs are great ways to get employee involvement and promote healthy lifestyles. The convenience factor of a health fair located at work draws many people that would not normally seek out information about personal health and wellness.


Home testing

For individuals needing constant monitoring, CardioChek sells several models of home test units. These units are priced affordably for the consumer, so most individuals could purchase one as needed. They can deliver significant cost savings versus continually having to send off samples to laboratories or visit the doctor. Even when testing at home, individuals should seek medical advice regarding results on a regular basis. They should also follow guidelines for testing down to the exact details to make sure accurate results are being obtained. In the case of unusual or alarming results, at-home testers should seek medical attention immediately.


Know your risks

People who are concerned with cholesterol should do their best to familiarize themselves. Genetics can play a role. Individuals should consult a medical professional if they have a history of cholesterol problems in their immediate family. A good doctor will be able to teach some healthy habits and activities that can help maintain or improve cholesterol levels.

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