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How CardioChek Makes Cholesterol Manageable

by Hanson Medical Systems

Anyone who is affected by cholesterol problems knows that handling this condition on a daily basis is an important task. If you or anyone in your family has chronic cholesterol issues, you likely understand the requirements for managing key health factors.


Why Cholesterol is Key

Cholesterol is a substance that is present in the blood. There are good and bad kinds of cholesterol, each that must be maintained within a certain range.  Depending on an individual’s age, the range of desired or expected cholesterol levels will change. Regardless, it is very important to take steps to correct if your cholesterol is found to be out of order.

One of the most common issues is high cholesterol. High levels of cholesterol will result in buildup of plaque in the arteries. This plaque will restrict blood flow and result in added stress on the heart. The primary function of the heart is to pump blood to and from our internal organs. When that task becomes more difficult, the heart must work harder. When this occurs over a long period, it can result in increasing risks for heart disease or heart attacks. This is important because heart disease is a leading cause of death in the United States.


Using CardioChek to Manage Cholesterol

CardioChek offers many products that can assist with testing cholesterol. Testing cholesterol levels is done by obtaining a lipid profile. This gives a complete breakdown of good and bad cholesterol for the patient. The advantage of CardioChek is the convenience and immediate feedback.

The time saving is a huge factor. This is especially important for those people who must get testing regularly. The results can be obtained in just a few minutes and readouts take merely 90 seconds. Compare this to the alternative of needing to attend a medical appointment and have a doctor test it. This also presents great advantages regarding cost.  With more economical units like the CardioChek ST Analyzer or premier versions such as the CardioChek Plus, a patient can easily get excellent return on investment by purchasing one of these units. Each can get a complete lipid profile very quickly. If you can get those readings in your home, you can save a large portion of time and money by not having to see a doctor.


Tracking Your Results

For those people who need to track results over time and record them, the unit can be used to print results directly via a simple USB connection that is available on most standard computers and printers.  Ultimately, managing your health conditions is intended to learn how to reduce your risk factors and get results. With the ability to print and record your own readings, you can really determine what effect certain lifestyle changes and medical supplements are having on your health.

If you believe you can benefit from owning a CardioChek device, you may wish to consult your family doctor. They may also be able to give you instructions on how to track your results and how to react if you get results outside the expected range.

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