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Why CardioChek is the Simplest Way to Track Your Heart Health

by Hanson Medical Systems

For a while now, heart health and related illnesses have been the leading cause of death in the United States. Much of that can be contributed to changing lifestyle factors. Over time, the American lifestyle has become more sedentary and diets have become more reliant on quick meals. Often, these meals are less nutritious than a well-balanced home cooked meal that includes fruits and vegetables.

When it comes to heart health, few things are more important than maintaining a healthy lipid profile. The lipid profile encompasses triglyceride levels as well as the ever-important HDL and LDL cholesterol levels.


What are HDL and LDL Cholesterol?

By now, you must have heard of bad cholesterol. Have you ever heard of good cholesterol?

LDL is commonly referred to as bad cholesterol. The general guideline is to maintain an LDL cholesterol level of below 100 on a fasted blood sample. HDL, or good cholesterol, should be kept at levels above 60 under those same testing conditions. So, how do you know what your HDL and LDL reading are? When it comes to testing and tracking your cholesterol, nothing compares to the line of testing products from CardioChek.


Cholesterol Testing

Knowing your cholesterol levels is very important to understanding your risk factors. If you have consistently poor cholesterol readings, you may need to incorporate some lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of heart disease. Over a period, elevated levels of LDL cholesterol will lead to a buildup of harmful plaque on your arteries.  Your arteries are what transport the blood to and from your heart to the rest of your body. Without proper blood flow, the function of vital organs will suffer because they are not supplied with adequate flow. When buildup occurs, the pressure in your arteries will increase. This requires that your heart perform additional work to achieve the same flow. Increased stress on the heart raises your risk of heart disease and heart failure.

When it comes to tracking your cholesterol, Cardiochek products offer a superior experience. Devices such as the CardioChek Plus can deliver results within 90 seconds of testing. That beats having to have a sample sent off to a lab and getting results back weeks later. While more and more mobile and point of care testing companies are offering this option, some primary doctors are lagging and still use the older, slower methods.

For individuals that need to perform routine testing, there are considerable time and financial savings that can be achieved by purchasing a CardioChek device. Other unique features include the ability to print results or even upload them to your personal computer for tracking. Try calling your primary doctor or hospital and asking them to send you the test results for your last few years. If they even agree, it will be a hassle for you to get your own medical data. With CardioChek, you are in control and have instant access to your lipid profile.  You can see your progress in real-time and save time and money while you are getting healthier.

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