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Classes and Workshops for Employee Health

yoga for employee health
by Hanson Medical Systems

The tools to be healthy are already at hand for most people. In the days of “pre-existing conditions,” the media narrative might make it seem like wellness is unattainable. For some, serious medical intervention is absolutely necessary. But for others, there are good ways to improve health using behaviors that you can learn on your own.


If you have already boosted employee health with an onsite clinic, POC tests, and other resources drawn from Hanson Medical Systemshealth care consulting provisions, maybe it’s time to give some attention to the things that employees can do for themselves.


However, preaching the benefits of healthy living is typically a recipe for boredom. Without giving people the tools they need, it’s hard for them to implement meaningful changes. That’s why it could be worth it for your business to promote free classes and workshops, each with the goal of passing on important skills which will result in better long-term health for all. Here are some good examples.



  • Cooking Classes. Home cooking doesn’t have the central place in American culture that it once did. Many people are intimidated by the prospect, having achieved only mediocre results in the past. Teaching someone the skills they need to make truly tasty meals is often all it takes to change this. Cooking at home from fresh, whole ingredients is a great way to improve diet and derive many secondary benefits. An hour-long workshop teaching basic skills, or walking through a single (delectable) dish will form a foundation upon which a better diet can be built. This won’t cost your business much money either, but the results could be excellent.



  1. Yoga. Yoga is a great way to build strength, boost mobility, and increase flexibility. What’s more, it doesn’t cost much at all to hire a yoga teacher, and employees can take an hour out during the day without getting as sweaty as they would with a traditional workout. Yoga is a great way to build exercise into a normal daily schedule. This is another example of a class that, while not mandatory, will provide incredible value to certain people in your office. You may be surprised at who attends, and you’ll certainly see the benefits. People who exert themselves intentionally during the day experience better mood, productivity, and long term health.


  1. Personal Finance Workouts. While this is not a physical workout, personal finance health has direct ramifications for our physical health. When people worry about money, they experience the worst symptoms of stress, which can precipitate any number of chronic conditions, immune system deficiencies, and general malaise. By learning new financial skills, employees can make better use of their salaries, and improve their lives in ways that minimize stress and maximize future life potential.


Workshops and classes, perhaps sponsored through your onsite clinic, are one of the best ways Hanson Medical Systems has found to help employees learn how to improve their health at home. Hanson Medical Systems hopes that this will work for you. After all, “teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”!

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