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Do Corporate Health and Wellness Policies Actually Work?

by Hanson Medical Systems

Businesses all around the world are starting to learn that healthy employees are affordable employees, especially when it it comes to health care. Healthy employees don’t get sick as often. They are less likely to develop costly chronic illnesses. They are more likely to be content, not depressed. All of these factors make their insurance and medical bills cost a whole lot less. In the days of soaring premiums and increased regulatory burden for businesses, wellness seems to be the way to go.

But the question remains: do corporate health and wellness programs work? The truth is, businesses around the United States have been scrambling to develop effective employee health and wellness programs. But because this is a new thing for many employers, not all of them have been successful. Below are a few that have been.

  • Onsite Clinics. Onsite clinics are an inexpensive way for employers to pay for their workers’ routine medical needs. Hanson Medical Systems provides routine POC tests and healthcare consulting to help onsite clinics be successful. Tasks like giving a flu shot or providing a pregnancy test can cut down on outside doctor visits and healthcare costs. These sorts of programs greatly simplify insurance coverage, and offer a lot of convenience to your employees. Onsite clinics aren’t for everybody, but they might be perfect for your business. Contact Hanson Medical Systems to learn more.
  • Exercise. Google was one of the first new generations of companies to put ping pong tables in the workplace. And while this still seems a little silly to some, it has proven beneficial for many workplaces. It’s not about the ping pong specifically; movement and exercise have turned out to be very important to workplace health and happiness. It’s difficult to incentivize employees to get fit, though successful incentives do exist. Perhaps just as successful are employers who model healthy living practices, and go out of their way to make the same possible for their employees. When a culture of wellness happens, the costs of fighting disease at the hospital invariably goes down.
  • Perks and Benefits. Lots of employers use cash bonuses and other perks (free gym membership, etc.) to help motivate employees to hit their fitness goals. Sometimes these work, and sometimes they don’t. It all depends on how they are deployed. It’s also important to make sure that these programs are legal. Some employers have run into trouble regarding discrimination. Others have instituted programs that have big tax implications. This is not to say that you shouldn’t try these sorts of programs at your business, just make sure you learn from the mistakes of others and plan programs well beforehand.

There are plenty of other ways that health and wellness programs have succeeded and failed. As a business, you know that you can save health care money by establishing these programs, but you also know that not everything works. Let Hanson Medical Systems help you figure it out! Our healthcare consulting is one of our top services, and we can also help optimize and supply the onsite clinic you already have.

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