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Why Doctors Recommend the CardioChek Plus Analyzer

by Hanson Medical Systems

Medical care can be expensive. With the average cost of a doctor visit being about $50, the prices add up quickly. That is the average cost after medical insurance, which can be expensive as well. Good doctors keep up to date on the best modern medical technology. Sometimes, simply having the right information can save bundles.  Modern testing devices like the CardioChek Plus Analyzer can help.


The best of Modern Testing Devices

In recent years, medical testing devices have become available that provide huge advantages to the patient. The CardioChek Plus Analyzer is a device that allows for nearly instant readings on cholesterol and glucose levels. Compare that with scheduling and attending a visit to your primary care physician. However, that is not where the advantages end. The CardioChek Plus Analyzer is unmatched in convenience. It has a compact design that allows all the testing power of a medical lab to fit within a handheld unit.

The size of the device as well as the speed make it the ideal selection for someone with the need to track personal cholesterol levels. Its accuracy is also amazing. In fact, many mobile health fairs have converted testing methods to use the CardioChek Plus Analyzer. Previously, they needed to send blood samples off to a lab for results. That process takes significantly longer and the cost is also much higher.

Testing and Tracking Advantages

One important feature of the CardioChek Plus Analyzer is just how easy it is to use.  Tracking results is also very easy. The device can be quickly connected to a printer or even to a computer to save and chart data. Using the device requires just a single finger prick. That means it can be performed at home quickly and conveniently. There are no vials required. How about the time required to test? Results can be obtained in under 90 seconds, which is extremely important to someone who values their heart health. In today’s world, convenience is important, and adherence to your testing schedule will certainly be easier if you have a simple handheld device.

Keeping tabs on your cholesterol progress is very important to understanding how the positive steps you are taking are benefiting your health. Seeing the progress will be very motivating to you and help keep you inspired. Much like someone who is making lifestyle changes to reduce body fat and working out to develop a healthier cardiovascular system, those minor changes will keep you encouraged. This type of continuous feedback is just not feasible when relying on a doctor to test your cholesterol levels. The frequency of testing if using a medical provider would be very expensive and very time consuming.


When to Consult Your Doctor

It would be best to consult your doctor to learn how to properly read your results. You may also wish to see your doctor if you see large spikes or drops in cholesterol that you think may be part of an underlying health issue. However, the CardioChek Plus Analyzer can be a valuable tool in your road back to positive heart health.

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