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Early Signs of Diabetes – Knowing When to Take the POC Test

by Hanson Medical Systems

The modern onsite clinic, based in the site of your company’s everyday operations, is an incredible way to offer health care value to your employees. It’s so affordable and convenient that employee health can actually be improved over standard primary care – people are able to check in with a physician more often than they would if that physician was located in a practice miles away from home or work.

Hanson Medical Systems specializes in offering onsite clinics and community health initiatives the tools they need to maximize health care provision, while minimizing costs. Hanson Medical Systems offers a battery of POC tests for many illnesses, both occasional and chronic.

As we’ve covered in other blog posts, it’s always better to prevent the development of these conditions than to treat ones that are already developed, both for cost and patient outcome. One of the most important illnesses to prevent in adult populations is diabetes. Nearly 10% of the population has diabetes. An expensive chronic condition to treat, it’s important to stave off its development when possible. Here are some of the common signs of developing diabetes.

  • Increased Urination. This is an important symptom to note, because it ties together so many of the other symptoms of early onset diabetes. The body uses insulin to metabolize glucose, but when insufficient insulin is produced, the body must resort to secondary measures. When the body detects excess glucose in the urine, the rate of urination is increased to try to eliminate the excess sugar. If the situation doesn’t change, the rate of urination will remain high, which will contribute to secondary symptoms.


  • Hunger and Thirst. When dehydrated due to frequent urination, hunger and thirst will increase. Drinking liquids is the primary way that the body rehydrates, but the body also gets water from food. For this reason, people developing diabetes feel more thirsty and hungry than normal.
  • Dry Mouth. Another symptom of dehydration from frequent urination, dry mouth will be persistent in early diabetics.


  1. Weight Loss and Fatigue. The body’s primary energy source is glucose in the blood, but when the normal glucose balance is upset, the body stops relying on the blood for glucose until normal levels are realized. This makes diabetics feel tired, because their most efficient method of creating energy is halted. In the meantime, the body breaks into its supplies of fat and muscle to create energy. This causes diabetics to lose weight and feel even more tired (burning fat and muscle is hard work!).

When we better understand the symptoms of early onset diabetes, as well as their causes, it’s a lot easier to notice when someone is suffering. A simple POC test can confirm your suspicions. For employee health, Hanson Medical Systems’ POC tests for all kinds of ailments are a great way to give patients the information they need to stop developing illnesses in their tracks, and to get further professional help they might not have known they needed.

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