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When Employee Health Becomes Community Health

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by Hanson Medical Systems

When considering the costs of corporate healthcare, it’s common to consider only those metrics that have a direct impact upon revenue and productivity. However, the effects of sensible and affordable corporate health policy have much farther reaching effects. In fact, its impact ripples out into community health all around the United States.

Modern standards of healthcare benefit the individual recipient, but this employee lives most of their life outside of the office, there are many opportunities for these benefits to radiate outward. Here are a few examples.

Herd Immunity – When people become sick from an infectious disease, like the flu, it’s because someone passed it on to them. But when immunity is high within a community, a bacteria or virus is left with few hosts to spread throughout the community. When you provide good healthcare to your employees, they act as buffers between disease and members of their community or family. This is called “herd immunity”. It is the reason that many Americans who have not been vaccinated against various diseases do not become sick and die from them. Herd immunity protects them, and solid workplace healthcare and a modern onsite clinic are good places to make it robust for communities.

Wealth – Another way that strong employee health policy strengthens communities is in personal and family wealth. Disease and chronic maladies are expensive. They sap people’s resources and eliminate the accumulation of wealth and/or eliminating debt. When people have adequate healthcare, they can use their money for more important matters than staving off illness.

Fear/Peace of Mind – When people have adequate healthcare, they have greater peace of mind. This has a positive impact on family life, community health and so many other factors. Fear and stress are themselves triggers for illness, so inadequate healthcare can contribute to a feedback loop of illness often seen in un- and under-insured populations.

Taxes and Social Stability – Another benefit of high community health standards is the tax burden incurred by all citizens of the United States. High healthcare costs must be recouped by hospitals and insurers, or else abandoned as a loss. The Federal Government has, at various times, subsidized healthcare programs that go unpaid for expensive healthcare procedures resulting from avoidable illnesses. In other times, the cost has been paid by taxpayers. In all cases, it is more affordable for all parties when the average citizen has access to health and wellness programing, as well as basic healthcare and insurance.

Hanson Medical Systems specializes in finding ways to make healthcare work for your company and for your employees. But this isn’t just about creating more efficient and profitable businesses, it’s about being part of a healthcare system that works for all Americans, not just those who are skilled or lucky enough to be able to afford it.
We are currently far from having Universal healthcare in the United States, but that doesn’t mean that your company’s current system can’t be optimized to create benefits felt outside of your business’s walls. Hanson Medical Systems’ healthcare consulting and library of POC tests are affordable ways to make the most out of your workplace health plan.

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