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Employee Health Concerns Take Employees From Freelance to Full Time

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by Hanson Medical Systems

Working as a freelancer is great, but it has its downsides. On one hand, you get to work remotely, choose your own hours, and work for multiple clients to introduce variety into the workday. On the other hand, freelance employees aren’t usually paid as much as salaried employees, and they don’t enjoy the same employee benefits either.

This is where things get pricey. Successful freelancers can pay almost 50% in taxes, when Federal and State taxes are combined (that is, unless liberal deductions are recorded). What’s more, they have to pay for their own health insurance, a monthly financial reminder of the convenience of working for the man.

Some freelancers are very gifted and have chosen the solopreneur life as a more humane alternative to the rat race. Some of them have had successful careers in office or corporate settings, but are hesitant to return despite the conveniences therein.

If you are an employer who wants to coax some of your contract workers into your salaried fold, it’s important to understand the sway that benefits, health care in particular, have on free agents. This is particularly true in a health care environment as tenuous as the one we currently live in, when Presidential administrations may or may not revoke health care access through successive votes in the House and Senate. If you’ve got some freelancers who you might want to make full time staff, this is the time to act.

The first thing to do is to understand the situation of the employees you’re courting. These will vary depending on which state the individuals live in. Some states, through the expansion of Medicaid, have made health care pretty affordable for all who apply for it through the health care exchanges. But in some states, no subsidies are available for all but the oldest, youngest and poorest. In these states, freelancing isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Now is the time to make your employee benefits as generous as possible, to attract the best and the brightest from the freelancing world. Hanson Medical Systems has a lot of techniques that can help you do just that, including a wide array of POC tests for your onsite clinic, lots of incisive data, and best practices drawn from decades of experience.

We understand how generous benefits yield security for employees, and how security (especially during uncertain political times) tends to bring people into the conventional working world.

So use your benefits offerings as a selling point. It’s a workers’ market in today’s corporate environment, and the best and the brightest know what they’re worth. It’s not uncommon, even among those who have never worked as freelancers, for individuals to change jobs annually.
In times like these, generous benefits can be the differentiator. They can encourage loyalty among existing employees, and draw talented free agents out of the woodwork in search of a better life. Hanson Medical Systems can help you cinch up your current benefits, and help you find creative new ways to make your company stand out in the contemporary employment landscape. The better your benefits, the better your workers, and the better your success overall.

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