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Should Your Employees Be Testing for Vitamin D Deficiency?

sunshine key for employee health
by Hanson Medical Systems

Vitamin D is one of many nutrients essential for major bodily functions. Having an adequate amount of essential minerals such as vitamin D is important for maintaining optimal health and energy levels. There are some major roles for this vitamin in the human body. When considering what should be part of your corporate wellness program, testing for a vitamin D deficiency may be the missing element. Here is a brief list of top reasons you should give your employees the opportunity to get tested for deficiencies.


Immune System and Insulin Levels

Vitamin D is key for regulating insulin levels. This impacts the likelihood that individuals will deal with diabetes. For those with diabetes, managing symptoms by maintaining steadier levels of insulin concentration is crucial. Vitamin D may also help with more ordinary ailments, such as the flu or high blood pressure.


Vitamin D Skeletal Benefits

Skeletal and dental health require adequate levels of vitamin D. Deficiencies can result in weak or brittle bones over time. That same principal applies to having healthy and strong teeth. Medical professionals often supplement patients to help them recover. Hip fracture patients, for example, have shown massive benefits from supplementation. Recent information from medical studies indicates that it could have a role in fending off issues with bone density, and be a key factor in limiting the risk of developing osteoporosis. Maintaining strong skeletal tissue is critical to physical longevity, especially for older people.


Get Outdoors

It is important to note that the human body can synthesize moderate levels of D3 in short amounts of time. Some deficiencies in vitamin production can be counteracted by healthy amounts of sun exposure via outdoor activity. Try putting down the television remote for 30 minutes a day to enjoy a calming walk through the park. Routine sun exposure, in limited doses, will help your body regulate production of vitamin D and reduce the chances of experiencing side effects commonly associated with deficiency. There are many other good reasons to get outdoors. It can improve mental focus, reduce stress, and promote a renewed sense of calmness.


How Can Corporate Help?

The first way that a corporation or business can assist employees is through awareness. Have a community health fair or wellness meeting to discuss the importance of maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D. You can even implement these as part of your overall corporate wellness programs. You can invite trained professionals for quarterly health fairs or even start an onsite clinic to provide consistent care with superior convenience and availability. Medical care providers can offer quick tests with simple to understand feedback on vitamin deficiencies. Even better, they can provide information and tools to help your employees understand the problem and take steps to correct the deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiencies have shown correlations to increased risk for certain types of cancers and auto-immune diseases. This may be particularly challenging for populations that live in northern climates with lower temperatures or extended periods of snowfall. It may be important for these populations to consider vitamin supplementation.

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