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Employee Wellness and Thyroid Disease: Heading Off Common Problems

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by Hanson Medical Systems

Approximately 20 million Americans suffer from some form of thyroid disorder. Chances are that at least one of these people works for you. Thyroid disease, while highly treatable, can impact the day-to-day functioning of your employees. Luckily, there are many ways you can help your employees avoid common problems and challenges their diagnosis may bring to the workplace.

Missed Work Days

Individuals who suffer from thyroid disorders have a myriad of physical symptoms that they experience daily. These can include changes in heart rate, sensitivity to temperature, difficulty concentrating, and even problems with memory. Beyond their daily challenges, individuals may have trouble maintaining a healthy weight and struggle with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

While most days these symptoms can be managed by medication, there may be days that require an employee to take extra care of themselves. In these situations, it may be helpful to offer your employees the following opportunities:

o   Telecommuting

o   Part-time schedules

o   Extended lunch opportunities

o   Flexible working hours (including half days)

It is important to allow your employee the time to care for his or her medical condition. Although the effects of a thyroid disease are not always visible, the impact can be felt in the workplace if an employee does not have ample time to treat symptoms.

Insurance Coverage

It is ideal to offer robust options for health insurance to your employees. Thyroid disorders affect someone for life, which means your employee will frequently be dealing with doctors, thyroid testing, medical laboratories, and pharmacies to manage the condition. The more resources your employee has access to, the healthier he or she will be.

The easiest way to determine what your employees need from their health insurance is by asking them. Consider their feedback when comparing prices with an insurance broker, and choose options that make sense for your employees and your company finances.

Additional Expenses

Offering flex spending accounts or medical saving accounts to your employees is a great way to help those with thyroid diseases. Many individuals with this condition benefit from a holistic treatment approach, using supplements and vitamins that traditional insurance may not cover.

Likewise, your employee may want financial assistance with traveling expenses, office visit fees, or alternative laboratory tests. The costs of a thyroid disorder can quickly add up. Flex spending and medical savings accounts can provide some relief.

Overall Health

Health and wellness programs can enhance the efficiency and wellbeing of your entire workforce. Consider incorporating healthy lifestyle education, point of care diagnostics, and preventative healthcare resources to your employees.

For healthcare consulting, Hanson Medical Systems, Inc. is your biggest asset. Keep in mind, thyroid disorders are not the only condition impacting your employees. The health and wellness programs we offer can help treat, diagnose, or prevent many diseases that affect your employees.

While accommodating employees with thyroid diseases takes some effort, common problems associated with the condition can be dealt with easily. Remember, the symptoms that affect individuals suffering from thyroid diseases impact their physical and mental wellbeing. By working proactively with these employees, you can help minimize the impact the disorder has on their work life and the productivity of your team.

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