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Are Your Employees Practicing Good Hygiene?

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by Hanson Medical Systems

Many people wait until flu season is in full gear to start focusing on practicing good hygiene. Don’t let your employees fall into that category. Every year, huge amounts of productivity and revenue are lost in the corporate world due to illnesses related to improper hygiene. Have you done everything in your power to equip your employees with the tools and knowledge to stay healthy? Here are some simple ideas that may be worth consideration.


Host a Health Fair

Many healthcare and community health organizations would love the opportunity to assist you in throwing a community health fair. These types of events simply give your employees time to access and research information and potential resources. They can get answers to their questions about medical and mental health as well as learn keys to maintaining good hygiene. Oftentimes, they will give samples of hand sanitizer in addition to healthy snacks to boost function of the immune system. You may inspire employees to practice better hygiene or to learn more about overall health. Who knows, you may even learn some great tips yourself! As a general rule, most companies benefits from including these types of events into their existing corporate wellness programs.


Provide Hand Sanitizer

Many companies strategically place hand sanitizing units throughout their facility.  This serves as a reminder to your employees to practice good hygiene. It also gives them an opportunity to clean their hands more often. Remember to stress to employees that hand sanitizer should only be used when they don’t have a chance to clean with soap and water. Washing hands with soap and water is better than applying alcohol solutions when it comes to good hygiene. Waterless sanitizer should not be used if there is visible dirt or debris on the hands. In that case, the employee should go to a nearby sink for a traditional handwashing.


Teach Proper Handwashing

Medical programs such as CPR training are some of the few times where the average worker learns the proper handwashing technique. Even if they aren’t dealing with medical situations, proper handwashing is a skill that everyone should learn. Apply soap evenly to the hands and rub with warm water for at least 15 seconds. You can help remind your employees by posting signs. Make sure the water in the restroom sinks is able to become warm quickly, but does not get hot enough to cause burns or discomfort to the hands of your employees.


Eliminate Paper Towels

Paper towels in the restroom are not as hygiene friendly as simply providing a drying unit. Make sure that the drying unit provides enough air flow to be effective, or you may risk people skipping out on washing their hands. As a bonus, using drying units is also more environmentally friendly than using paper towels. Few things are worse than leaving the bathroom with wet hands. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even invest in some hands-free doors. This will allow your employees to open the door without having to touch it with their hands.

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