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Are Your Employees Satisfied With Their Healthcare?

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by Hanson Medical Systems


Finding talented people for your company or organization is a challenge. Keeping them is the key to a great business model. So, how do you keep your employees engaged and happy? With all the talk surrounding healthcare over the last several years, there have been great changes to employee healthcare plans. You should strive to understand how your employees feel about the plans they are being offered. Some unique ways to do that are to include mobile health screening and point of care tests to your overall employee wellness program.

What is the perfect plan? Is it a low deductible plan or the plan with the health savings account? Should you offer the flexible spending account or set up mandatory wellness visits? When was the last time you had a health fair? The truth is that there is no perfect plan. Your goal as a company should be to offer the “right” plan as part of your employees wellness program.


Consider Feedback You Already Have

The first thing you can consider is how your employees reacted and expressed themselves when you had your most recent benefits communication meeting. When you explained the changes or updates to the plan, how did they behave? Were they apprehensive or excited?  Were they angry or happy? That will give you some initial insight.

You want to try to understand how they feel about the plan. Are you at risk of causing your employees problems when medical issues arise? Are they able to receive top level healthcare with reasonable rates and coverages?  Do they desire to have a health fair or mobile health screenings made available to them?


Poll Employees

If you have a feeling your employees are not pleased or are not really sure, a good next step could be to ask for employee opinions. You can start by having them rate their overall healthcare package and experience. Keep in mind that some changes in political landscapes may facilitate changes whether or not you choose them.


Dig Deeper With a Focus Group

You can develop a focus group or project team revolving around determining which aspects of the healthcare plan work and which are not ideal. For example, would they be open to point of care tests or mobile health screening if they were offered?  Do they want to have an annual or quarterly health fair? Try to involve some people with knowledge of healthcare, or you may even reach out to a local medical group for guidance. It will be helpful to bring in a few different mindsets or areas of your company into this group to get a more diverse set of opinions and thought processes.


Do They Have Access to the Right Doctors?

One of the most critical portions of a great healthcare plan is access to the best doctors available. Employees often wish to stick with doctors or providers they have been with for years because it’s comfortable. Regardless, access to great doctors and facilities is a key component. When it comes to personal health, we want to be able to use the best medical equipment and resources.

No matter how affordable the services are, they simply won’t cut it if they are not of high quality. Your employees know how crucial it is to get quality care when they have a medical emergency or condition that requires treatment.

As an employer, your goal should be to provide great healthcare options for your employees so they can have healthy and happy careers. Keeping your most valuable asset healthy will pay huge dividends over the long haul and help support your business efforts.

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