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Health Care Consulting and the Art of the Referral

eye testing
by Hanson Medical Systems

Your company’s onsite clinic is a great thing to offer for employee health. But it’s important to know what its limitations are. Unless your onsite clinic is among the best in the world, it won’t be able to offer a full range of primary care services. For this, you’ll need to do a lot of referrals.

If your company pays for a good health care package, then it’s important that your employees get the most out of it. You can make this possible by engendering comfortable conversation between onsite clinic staff and your patients/employees. This way you can learn about their real medical concerns, then recommend them to in-network specialists who can give them the focused care they need. Here are some examples of the kind of care Hanson Medical Systems is talking about.

Dermatology. There are lots of options in the Hanson Medical Systems POC test library, but we can’t help you out with common skin irritations and ailments. For that, your employees will need the assistance of a licensed dermatologist – a health care provider you almost certainly do not employ onsite. Not every adult understands the importance of regular trips to the dermatologist, but with skin cancer as a significant cause of illness and mortality, it’s a good idea for anyone over the age of 30 to get checked once in awhile. Most issues of skin cancer are easily cleared up if caught early. Dermatologists can also help with more common skin problems, like eczema and psoriasis. Your employees don’t need to suffer alone with their itchiness. An in-network dermatologist can help!

Vision. Your health plan likely does not include vision coverage, but an eye appointment is not expensive with or without insurance. When employees don’t have up to date corrective vision prescriptions, it can take a toll on their health and productivity. People feel more fatigued when they have to strain to see and read. Poor vision is at the root of many common mistakes around the office, so have a good eye doctor in your Roll-o-dex.

Hearing. More adults should have their hearing checked, especially if they notice difficulty hearing or the presence of tinnitus. Tinnitus isn’t totally correctable by any current methods, but symptoms can be greatly reduced with hearing aids or in-ear products made especially for tinnitus sufferers. For employees dealing with hearing loss, therapy may result in a noticeable improvement in their performance. Hearing difficulty makes it hard to stay in tune with what’s going on at the office. A trip to the ear doctor can help.
Some people look at this kind of specialty work as unnecessary, but it is actually quite important. The skin, ears and eyes play a big part in the work we do and the way we feel. The primary care offered through the onsite clinic (and aided by Hanson Medical SystemsPOC tests and health care consulting resources) are a great first line. Without the aid of outside specialists, it’s impossible for your employees to get the well rounded health care they really need.

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