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Health/Wellness Programs for Employee Mental Health

by Hanson Medical Systems

Productive employees are the key part of the equation for building a culture of excellence and performance.  How does a company achieve performance and growth goals?  It starts with the way it cares for employees and providing health and wellness programs.

Here are the best ways to promote employee mental health.


Provide Safe and Productive Workplace

The primary responsibility of an employer is to provide an atmosphere in which employees can be productive and work safely.  Allowing for employee-driven safety and morale programs is one way to build a culture of safety and performance.  These types of health and wellness programs boost feelings of self-worth and allow employees to take on meaningful roles within the company.

Giving employees a chance to perform at a high level will give them a feeling of satisfaction and achievement that is critical to mental health.  The ability to see progress is a great motivator both in and out of the workplace.


Recognize Great Work

Giving employees credit for a job well done is a key part of building a strong company culture.  Make sure that employees understand the values and goals of the company and are rewarded and recognized when they support those values with excellent work.

Employees who feel recognized for hard work are more satisfied and have improved abilities to manage daily stressors on the job.


Offer Real Work-Life Balance

Overworked employees are not happy employees.  Many companies offer perks such as occasional remote work days, generous holiday schedules, or even providing comp time for employees that work overtime.

No matter which route taken, it is key that employees are able to enjoy time away from work because it allows them to appreciate the work they do and the team members around them.  Overworked employees feel taken advantage of and can become bitter and resentful.


Be Flexible

Part of improving work-life balance is being flexible enough to accommodate for the personal needs of employees.  It may be allowing for flexible schedules where available or as simple as letting an employee personalize their workspace.  When it comes to flexibility, a little can go a long way in improving the mental health of your employees.


Financial Health and Wellness Programs

Broke employees are stressed employees.  Offering courses on financial well-being will allow your employees to be happier both at work and at home.  If money issues are serious enough to be the key cause of divorce at home, just think about the effect money stress can have on employees’ work lives.

Financial health and wellness programs are primarily about reducing stress and cultivating positive emotions.  Teaching employees to handle money and plan for emergency and retirement savings is something that will have a lasting positive impact.


Offer Help Through Times of Need

In some cases, health and wellness programs teach employees to better handle high levels of stress.  It is important that companies have resources available that can help employees deal with difficult times or even serious mental health problems.  Local hospitals and large companies such as MetLife offer Employee Assistance Programs to give employees a place to turn when they need help.

No matter the industry, companies must take care of the mental health of their employees.  The costs can be great if wellness is not fostered or if problems are not properly dealt with.

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