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How To Encourage Better Employee Health and Fitness

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Many employers assume that their workforce is prioritizing personal health during personal time. But unfortunately, with the demands of home life, this is not always possible. Luckily, you can help your employees invest in healthy and fit lives. The longer they are at the top of their game, the longer your company will thrive. Here are some ideas to try with your employees.

Provide Access to A Gym

Not everyone has it within their budget to afford a monthly gym membership. However, there is likely space in the office that you can turn into a fitness room. All you will need is basic gym equipment like a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, and weight machines.  Before you know it, you will be providing a free and convenient means of exercise for your employees who otherwise would not have it.

If a fitness room is not right for your company, consider looking into a local corporate gym membership. You can purchase corporate gym memberships for a discounted rate, and they will give your employees free access to all exercise equipment and fitness classes offered. By removing the burden of cost, all that is left to your employees is finding the time to take advantage of the service.

Bring in Experts

Make use of the office space in the off-hours by inviting local fitness gurus to host classes for your employees. Many fitness professionals are eager to offer their expertise at a reasonable rate, making this a budget-friendly opportunity for your workforce.  Yoga, dance, and cardio workshops are all popular options. If you plan carefully, you can arrange for the classes to begin as soon as the workday lets out or during the lunch break. Your workforce is more likely to take an interest in a healthy lifestyle if it is cost-friendly and is conveniently located.

Try an Ergonomic Consultation

Long hours spent sitting at a computer, with poor posture can lead to frequent migraines, back pain, sore joints, and carpal tunnel syndrome. These injuries, while not life-threatening, do cause people to call in sick, leave their jobs, and undergo costly medical procedures.

To ensure the health of your workforce, reach out to an ergonomic consultation specialist. These professionals check your workspace for potential hazards and help you fix problem areas and educate your employees before bad habits have costly health effects. Promoting ergonomics is essential to all office wellness programs and it sends a much more holistic message than simply encouraging exercise and healthy eating.

Work Toward Something

Sometimes all it takes is a little competition to motivate your employees. Consider hosting a weight loss challenge, step competition, or a charity run to encourage your employees to get on their feet and make changes to their health while having fun. Prizes do not have to be costly either. You can always offer extra time off, a small bonus, or a gift certificate to the winner.

Keep Your Employees Onsite

No employee wellness program is complete until you offer company health screening. Onsite programs allow your employees to get access to basic health care tests without ever having to leave the office. Most companies find that health fairs and mobile health clinics are full-service and convenient options for onsite testing.  If it has been over a year since your last clinic, call Hanson Medical Systems, Inc. today! We will help your employees get a picture of their current health right away.

Time and money are often two of the biggest obstacles that prevent someone from taking care of their health. The more resources you offer, the more likely your workforce will take the steps necessary to care for their health. Taking care of your employees goes far beyond giving them a place to work and make money. By watching out for their physical health, you will set them, and your company, up for long-term success.

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