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The Importance of a Daily Multivitamin

adult nutrition with multivitamins
by Hanson Medical Systems


On the Hanson Medical Systems blog, we talk a lot about preventative health measures like POC tests, exercise, and a healthy diet. One we haven’t covered before is the importance of a daily multivitamin. While multivitamins are important for people of all ages (with different formulations worked out for people of different sexes and life stages), they are especially important for the average adult. Here’s why.

Why Multivitamins Are Important For Adults

The body needs a complex array of natural chemicals in order to regenerate its cells, fight off disease, maintain a healthy metabolism, and stabilize the immune system. Most people don’t receive all of these nutrients in the food they eat on a daily basis. And while this is a problem that needs correcting in its own right, an excellent way to supplement the nutritional elements that are lacking in a daily diet is by taking a multivitamin.

Are All Multivitamins Created Equal?

The answer is NO. Not all vitamin pills are equally effective. A common complaint about vitamins and supplements in general is that they are not easily digested or otherwise metabolised. Hanson Medical Systems acknowledges that most vitamins that are available at what the average consumer would consider affordable prices are made from synthesized chemical sources. These pressed pills are not the most digestible vitamins on the planet, and even when they are broken down in the gut, there is debate about the extent to which the body can even make use of these nutrient analogues.

That’s why Hanson Medical Systems recommends vitamins from natural food sources. These vitamins are always more expensive than the typical big bottle multivitamin you’ll find a Wal-Mart, but there is good reason to suggest that the benefit you will derive from taking them will be much greater.

Vitamin pills like these are normally green and brown in color, and can be taken without food. This is because they came from food sources and can be easily broken up in the stomach. With the pressed synthetic pills of cheaper brands, taking a pill without food will almost always elicit stomach ache, as the unbroken pill irritates the sides of your stomach and digestive tract. It’s not fun and it’s not beneficial. So why not go with something that works?

What Benefits Can I Expect From a Multivitamin?

In many ways, taking a daily multivitamin is an investment, rather than a quick cure for a single malady. Because your body “runs” on the nutrients found in food, any vitamin that is lacking will cause one or more bodily process to be inefficient, become damaged, or stop entirely. You likely do not have any 100% vitamin deficiencies, but if you are consistently low on this or that vitamin, it can gradually damage your body and brain. Most adults, for example, are low in Vitamin D, which affects their skin, digestion, and mental health adversely.

Hanson Medical Systems advocates for daily multivitamins as a way of preserving healthy body function and preventing the chronic conditions that crop up later in life as a result of vitamin deficiencies. If you need specific recommendations about how to incorporate vitamins like these into your onsite clinic or community health initiative, contact Hanson Medical Systems today.

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