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The Importance of Political Neutrality for Employee Health

by Hanson Medical Systems

Much has been made of the divided country we currently live in. Unfortunately, that divide sometimes extends through families and workforces. If you find that your corporate environment has become overly political, there is good reason to put a stop to it. Believe it or not, political strife at the office can have negative ramifications for employee health and efficiency. Here’s how Hanson Medical Systems sees the problem.



  • Political Strife Causes Stress. Stress is one of the biggest deciding factors in whether a person is going to be healthy or unhealthy. Stress takes its toll on the immune system. Stressed people get sick more easily, and generally live with more fatigue and a reduced sense of well being. The relevance to your employee environment is obvious. If it’ll result in your employees feeling happier and healthier, it’s time to put the kibosh on overly political speech.




  • Political Disagreements Divide Cooperative Units. It’s one thing to have a difference of opinion. It’s another to let that difference of opinion affect a working relationship. You have many different necessary collaborative groups in your company, including your onsite clinic, the sales team and various other departments. There is no POC test for uncooperativeness, but it’s easy enough to sense in the air of an affected workplace. If partisan thinking and conversation is creating a toxic work environment, it’s time to nip it in the bud. If you’re the one it results from, it’s time to zip the lip, buddy.




  • Political Opinions are Irrelevant to the Goals of Your Office. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how you feel about the political opinions of the people in your workforce; they are irrelevant to the actions that result in a job well done. Political talk is usually the junk food of the conversation world: it’s fun to take part in but it’s not usually very healthy.




  • Political Unrest Distracts from the Personal Things that Matter. It’s easy for the latest political story to take up a lot of brain space. If the workplace supplies constant reminders about what’s happening in the political pop culture media, you can bet that people are becoming distracted. Not only does this affect productivity, it distracts people from the kinds of behaviors that help them stay healthy – like exercise and eating right. When we’re wrapped up in what’s going on in cable news, it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Set an example by discouraging conversations that distract from the stuff that really matters.

Political opinions are ubiquitous, but they’re not especially important or valuable. If political talk, or even arguments, are taking up too much space in your workplace, you might need to put your foot down. Hanson Medical Systems can offer health care consulting services that will increase your company’s productivity and bottom line, but we can’t do anything about reducing the kind of political disagreements that are unacceptable in a professional setting. Do the right thing and call out the problem if you find that it is taking its toll on the health and happiness of your company.

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