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Marti Hanson


Marti Hanson grew up in Mt. Dora, Florida. She left this area to take a position in Miami working in the airline industry. While in management and traveling throughout the world, Marti was always interested in exercise and fitness. In 1984 after having her body composition tested with a portable bioelectrical impedance analyzer, and while still with the airline industry, Marti contacted the manufacturer of the equipment, asking to represent it. They agreed and she began to present it on her days off throughout the South to schools, colleges, professional sports teams, hospitals, and corporations.

Having discovered her entrepreneurial spirit, Marti started her own company in 1984. She soon realized her love and passion for her new venture was going to need 100% of her time and efforts. With a leap of faith she took early retirement from her career with the airline and jumped into her new business.

Marti’s company quickly became known as being a leader in introducing new technology into the field of health and wellness. In 1987 she added the first known portable point-of-care cholesterol analyzer to the company’s product line.

Married with two grown children, Marti enjoys time with her pets, participating in Pilates, walking, exercising, travel and family.

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