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National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day: How Are You Keeping Your Workforce Screened for Heart Disease?

by Hanson Medical Systems

February 22nd is National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day. Despite heart disease being one of the most common killers in America, responsible for one out of every four deaths, very few people are aware of the specific condition of heart valve disease (HVD). Are you doing enough to protect your employees?

What is Heart Valve Disease?

Heart valve disease, commonly referred to as HVD, is just one of the many conditions that fall under the umbrella of “heart disease.” HVD affects 5 million Americans and occurs when the valves responsible for blood flow within the heart become damaged and no longer open or close correctly.

HVD may be present at birth or develop later in life due to conditions like cardiomyopathy, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease. Illnesses like rheumatic fever and syphilis have also been shown to cause the disease, however, in some cases, a cause cannot be identified. The blood flow disruptions in the heart caused by HVD may cause serious complications, including death, but not every case is life-threatening. Most people do not know that HVD exists, making screening and awareness all the more important.

How Can You Protect Your Employees?

As with any heart condition, frequent screening, education, and access to healthy living options can make the difference between life and death. Hanson Medical Systems, Inc. offers many services to help you save the lives of your employees, including:

On-Site Testing

One of the easiest ways to ensure your employees are staying on top of their heart health is by bringing the resources straight to them. Opportunities like corporate health fairs or mobile health clinics get the experts up close and personal with your staff.

Not only will your employees be able to gather valuable information about heart-related diseases, they may be able to take part in on-site screening services too. Simple measures such as BMI testing, physical exams, blood pressure readings, and cholesterol screenings are done in just a few minutes and are often the first step towards understanding cardiovascular health. On-site testing is a valuable tool that will give your workforce immediate knowledge about their personal risks with heart disease or HVD.

Point of Care Testing Devices

In many cases, screening for heart conditions only takes a few minutes. Simple tests, like those from CardioChek, can paint a picture of heart health with just a prick of the finger. Point of care medical devices remove the hassle of taking time off work to go to a routine check-up and they provide a quick and easy alternative to a potentially fear-inducing phlebotomy visit. A physical exam is required when being diagnosed with HVD, but blood tests may give insight into one’s personal risks or point a physician in the right direction to an HVD diagnosis.

Healthcare Consulting

Part of your responsibility as an employer is giving your employees access to the best healthcare options your company can provide. The world of healthcare can be confusing. Information changes all the time and updated technologies constantly bring new opportunities for better health. By taking advantage of healthcare consulting services, you will offer exactly what your employees need when it comes to their cardiovascular health and know they are not missing out on the latest screening opportunities available for conditions like HVD.

Beyond Screening Your Employees

In addition to screening, you should always encourage an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits for your employees through a corporate wellness program. Preventative measures are some of the best tools we have when it comes to warding off conditions that increase the chances of an HVD diagnosis. There are many ways to encourage employee wellness at your work site, including on-site gyms or gym memberships, cooking or exercise classes, and company-wide health incentives.

As an employer, offering your employees access to education and heart health screenings for diseases like HVD is one of the most important things you can do. Look around your office. One in four of those faces you see every day is at risk of being the next heart disease death in America. Contact Hanson Medical Systems, Inc. to provide screening resources to your employees today!

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