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Why Onsite Clinics are the Healthcare of the Future

by Hanson Medical Systems

Receiving proper healthcare and maintaining personal wellness should be at the forefront of our priorities as individuals. Sadly, this is not typically the case. We get busier as a society every year. Our lives become more connected and complicated, which often causes us to place the important topic of personal health on the backburner. This has an enormous impact on our health.

From a business standpoint, having a workforce that fails to take proper care of their personal wellness will result in increased costs of healthcare and losses in productivity. One solution that is growing in popularity is the installation of an onsite clinic. Many companies take advantage of this option, whether it be five days or just one per week. There are many reasons why onsite clinics are believed to be the healthcare option of the future.


Onsite Clinics Are More Convenient

Convenience is increasingly important to consumers, and that includes healthcare. We all try to avoid sitting for hours in waiting rooms or driving through traffic across town for an appointment. With the addition of an onsite clinic, participation in health and wellness programs increases dramatically. How amazing would it be to not even have to leave work to get your prescription or be seen for your persistent cough?


Onsite Clinics Reduce Downtime

Most employers offset the costs of onsite clinics through reductions in employee time away from work. Not only does the convenience of the onsite clinic make it more likely that employees will seek medical opinions when they need them, but it reduces the time required.

The typical doctor visit is a 15 to 30-minute drive from the office, followed by waiting around for about half an hour to even be seen by the doctor.  All this time can be reduced by having a medical care professional on the premises of the work site.  Many clinics offer digital appointment registrations that employees can view from shared work computers. What used to be an afternoon off to go to the doctor can be reduced to just about 30 minutes for routine checkups and appointments.


They Can Offer Employee Incentives

Many companies with corporate wellness programs offer incentives for having checkups performed at the clinic. In some cases, medical conditions that need to be periodically monitored can be scheduled for onsite clinic visits. Employees can be reminded and held to the standard of making sure they visit the clinic on a set schedule. Incentives are usually offered via reduced healthcare costs for those that fulfill their commitment to get routine health checkups at the clinic. Covered dependents can also be allowed to make clinic appointments.


Employer Customization

One major benefit of these types of healthcare services is that the employer can customize the program to meet the needs of the organization.  There are many health service providers that offer basic programs that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the employer. That means it can be customized for the large corporation headquarters with 1000 employees down to the small office of just ten dedicated workers. The best place to get started is to contact your local healthcare providers and ask what types of programs are available in your area.

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