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Ounce of Prevention: Health and Wellness Programs

by Hanson Medical Systems

Everybody knows the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” but many people don’t apply this wisdom. If you haven’t thought about this adage in awhile, let’s break it down.

Take diabetes, for example. In America, treatment related to the effects of diabetes hover somewhere in the $250 billion range. Yes, that’s “billion”, not “million”. Diabetes is a complex disease. Risk factors include some things that are outside of our control, like family history. However, lifestyle factors play a huge role in whether a person will go on to develop diabetes, as well as the extent to which the disease will lower quality of life. A healthy BMI, general fitness, and a health-conscious diet all greatly lower the risk of diabetes. And while all of that is somewhat commonly known, many people do not put this knowledge into action.

For many people, long term planning is much more difficult than short term rewards. It’s easier to eat as you like and exercise minimally, especially if a career lends itself to that behavior and there are no other external forces to prevent one from doing so. What is more, all of the scary diabetes facts in the world may seem abstract to the at-risk individual, enough so that they are never provoked to action.

This has been the story for many years. As our population has gotten heavier and sicker, the cost of treatment has put a terrible strain on the healthcare system as a whole. These costs are starting to be felt by the average consumer. Together with some of the nation’s largest governmental and financial players, our culture is starting to put a higher premium on wellness (because health insurance premiums to find a cure are too high).

So what does this have to do with Hanson Medical Systems? Hanson providers a range of services, including healthcare consulting, POC test supply, and resources for corporate wellness, community health fairs, and the like. Our business model exists because we believe that these venues are at the forefront of preventative care. We also believe that preventative care is the only way to cut costs in the US healthcare market. Fortunately, American consumers and their employers are starting to see things that way, too.

A POC Test can be a remarkable line in the sand. An employee or community member may carry around some vague notion about his/her personal risk of diabetes or other illness. But there is something powerful about seeing the results of a real-time BMI test, or an abnormal result from a glucose test, that has a special way of provoking meaningful action for change. When people see the hard numbers, telling them that their health and happiness is vulnerable right now, unprecedented lifestyle alteration is often the result.

Hanson Medical Systems sees it time and again. If you are trying to help cut medical costs within your community health system or corporate wellness fund, POC tests may be your biggest aid. Cheap and effective, they’re equally at home at a local health fair or a corporate onsite health clinic. Contact Hanson Medical Systems to learn more about how these resources can be used most effectively for the people whose health you care most about.

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