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How Plant Based Diets Can Improve Employee Health

healthy fruits and vegetables
by Hanson Medical Systems

Plant based diets are a great way to boost individual health. Fruits and vegetables are packed with essential nutrients and key vitamins that can provide amazing health benefits. Many athletes and celebrities, such as Tom Brady, employ this type of lifestyle to boost performance and longevity. But you don’t need to be a professional athlete to benefit from this type of diet. Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables has long been known to improve health. For that reason, it should be a cornerstone of what is taught as part of any health fair or employee wellness program.


The Benefits of Plant Based Diets

Bolstering your immune system is important for fending off illnesses. Chronic issues as well as the common cold can be more effectively prevented if someone has a strong immune system. Vitamin C, for example, is important for preventing common ailments such as the flu. These types of vitamins are found in abundance in fruits and vegetables. Many health fairs make a point to share this information, but fail to mention other benefits such as anti-aging and complexion health.

Use a strategy that teaches employees the wide range of benefits of plant based diets. Communicate the importance of these benefits as part of a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. This should be the true goal of any corporate wellness program.


How to Eat More Vegetables

Some of the most common ways people add vegetables and fruits to a diet is through snacks. Trade that afternoon candy bar for an apple or banana. Not only does this save hundreds of calories, but it will also provide more nutritional value. As for vegetables, trade those french fries for a serving of baked sweet potato.

Most people wrongly associate plant based diets with having to eat just salad for every meal. That is very far from the truth. There are millions of great recipes available online and in cookbooks. Popular sides include corn, green beans, and okra. However, there are plenty of popular main dishes that are plant based. Many great dishes can be made by substituting vegetables for other ingredients, such as vegetable lasagna or using cauliflower crust for pizza.


It isn’t All or Nothing

As part of a corporate wellness program, you can choose to teach your employees that most successful diets are not all or nothing. Allow employees to understand that a healthy diet doesn’t need to be extremely restrictive. The most effective diets practice moderation and follow general guidelines as opposed to extreme rules or restrictive policies. This is especially true for those who may be trying to reduce their body fat by losing weight.


Provide Smart Choices at Work

One great way to help employees eat more fruits and vegetables is to offer healthier choices.  Some workplaces have instituted eating areas without traditional vending machine snacks. Instead, they offer fresh salads, fruit and yogurt combinations, and other healthier options. This has shown to have a great impact on employee wellness. These types of policies are great ways to support the health of your corporate teams.

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