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A POC Test for Body Fat – Losing Weight in 2017

by Hanson Medical Systems

Hanson Medical Systems has a simple POC test for body composition analysis. Simply put, it can compute body fat percentage or body mass index in just seconds. It’s a great way for people to learn the information they need to know to make a strong plan for weight loss. We’ll talk a little bit about the difference between body fat levels and body mass, as well as give you some helpful tips for losing extra weight.


BMI vs. Body Fat Percentage

Body mass index is a very general tool used to help people understand where they are on an ideal weight scale. It’s all based on weight and height. There are limitations to the BMI, however, especially when considering people who are fit and muscular. Such an individual might weigh a lot for someone their height, but actually be quite a bit healthier than the average person of the same height.

This is where Body Fat Percentage helps to create a better understanding of an individual’s actual fitness. Body fat percentage is exactly what it sounds like. Simple tools like Hanson Medical Systems’ POC test for body fat can tell a patient exactly what percentage of their body is composed of fat, in just a few seconds. Healthy fat levels are well understood and easy to learn about through a simple internet search. If you learn that you have too much fat content in your body after a trip to the onsite clinic or community health fair, here are some ways to lose the extra weight.


Losing Weight in 2017

Eat Protein in the Morning. Animal proteins (and vegetable protein sources) are great for energy, without building fat. Protein isn’t easily turned into fat, but it is easily turned into muscle. Protein is easy to digest and won’t weigh you down during the early part of your day. This is why bacon and eggs is such a breakfast staple. Get your metabolism burning early!

Avoid Sugar. Sugar is used for energy, but if it isn’t burned up fast, it is quickly stored as fat. Carbohydrates are metabolised into sugar quickly, and then stored as fat if not consumed through work.

Eat Soluble and Insoluble Fibers. Fiber helps digestion and metabolism be healthy and efficient. You can get this kind of fiber from numerous plant sources and from synthetic forms of fiber sold at your local pharmacy or grocery.

Drink Coffee or Tea. Caffeine is a stimulant that suppresses appetite, boosts metabolism and generally helps people slim down.

Exercise. Burning extra calories is half the battle in losing weight. You can also build muscle which, though it won’t make you lose weight per se, will allow you to be much slimmer, even if the numbers on your bathroom scale don’t decrease.

Eat Quality Foods. High quality, whole foods are a great way to give your body the nutrition it needs, without all the added calories and unnatural ingredients in processed foods.
With this knowledge and these steps, you can lose a lot of weight in 2017. It’s a great effort for community or employee health, and it’s one that can be facilitated from your onsite clinic with a simple POC test.

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