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A POC Test for Thyroid Health

thyroid POC test
by Hanson Medical Systems

Thyroid health is a concern for people of all ages. During infancy, a healthy thyroid is necessary for proper growth and development. During adulthood, the thyroid helps maintain our normal hormones levels, weight, sense of wellbeing and so much more. Because the thyroid wears so many hats, it is sometimes hard to diagnose a misbehaving thyroid, because its symptoms mimic so many other illnesses and diseases. With a simple fingerstick POC test from Hanson Medical Systems, your employees can be alerted to an unhealthy thyroid. As a standard test provided by your onsite clinic, this POC test is a great boon for employee health. Learn more about Hanson Medical Systems’ healthcare consulting services to find out how to use POC tests like these to improve employee health and cut down on company healthcare costs.

Understanding Thyroid Health

Your thyroid’s role in your health is extremely complex. Its function is intimately tied together with that of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, so the thyroid cannot be considered by itself. Together, these organs promote healthy brain growth during infancy and childhood. During adulthood, they regulate body temperature, skin health, food digestion and elimination, menstruation, weight and heart rate.

A POC test for thyroid health is focused on thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels. TSH isn’t actually produced by the thyroid, it is made in and released from the pituitary gland. TSH must be produced at the proper levels in order to keep the thyroid’s metabolism-directing properties in proper order. If TSH is produced in too little or too great supply, many things can go wrong.

The Simplicity of Testing for Thyroid Health

It used to be very difficult to test for thyroid health. Today, an imbalance of THS can be detected with a simple fingerstick POC test. You can have these tests performed at your onsite clinic, with no licensing required. All the work is done at an independent lab. Just send in the test and wait for the results, usually provided within 48 hours of receipt. It couldn’t be easier.

Following diagnosis of an over- or under-performing thyroid, treatment options are diverse. Doctors can put tiny radioactive biomarkers into a patient’s body, which settle in the thyroid and make it easy to detect what is going wrong. Sometimes, in the case of hyperthyroidism, the problem results from benign nodule growths which are causing the thyroid to be too active. A variety of other causes can make the thyroid underactive.

In either case, there are medications that can balance out the problem, either stimulating the thyroid to great activity or slowing its more than sufficient activity. It often takes a lot of work to find the right balance, and thyroid problems can be chronic causes for concern and difficulty. However, because detection is easier and more convenient than ever before, it is possible for people to identify and treat thyroid problems before the issue develops. In the case of early-stage thyroid cancer, an early detection with a POC test, like the one Hanson Medical Systems provides, can be a lifesaver.

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