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Point of Care Products

Hanson Medical Systems, Inc. holds a unique expertise within the medical sales and consulting field. We are a specialty medical products distributor with a concentration in the point-of-care market and preventive health screenings. We are known nationally as the go-to source for easy-to-use, accurate, reliable products and consulting services related to prevention and diagnostics.

We have access to hundreds of medical products for your convenience. Our products are FDA approved and are if applicable verified for accuracy by each of their respective bodies, such as NCEP, AACC, ISO, etc. Our products are noted for their ease-of-use, accuracy, reliability, convenience, portability, and cost effectiveness. We have excellent relationships with product manufacturers and many times can arrange for special product promotions and pricing that others cannot. If for some reason we do not carry a product that you might want, we can facilitate your getting it and make the best arrangements for you.

We have a thorough knowledge of CLIA-waived, point-of-care products. We provide consulting on how to use the products, clinical and technical information, state and federal guidelines, return-on-investment, health screening and clinic use. We have experienced, educated people to talk with about your questions and interests regarding our mobile health checks, POC testing, and employee wellness programs. We provide in-person, on-site, corporate wellness visits and training for you and your staff. Call us to get started at 877-671-3883 or learn more about the products we can provide to you by visiting our store online.


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