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This Prostate POC Test Could Save Lives in Your Office

by Hanson Medical Systems

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in older men. Given a long enough life, it is thought that all men will naturally develop prostate cancer. It is common for very old men to have prostate cancer in its early stages, though they tend to die from other causes before the cancer becomes advanced. Prostate cancer is very dangerous when it develops in younger men, who do not have mortality risk from any other source.

Prostate cancer treatment has made great advancements in recent years. Innovations in therapeutic radiology enable therapists to deliver radioactive material directly to cancerous cells on the prostate, often stopping cancer before it can get a foothold in the body. Even when this sort of treatment is not available, it is possible to prevent the spread of cancer by removing the prostate, without impairing quality of life or enjoyable sexual function.

Still, without early detection, prostate cancer can metastasize and kill. Luckily, prostate cancer is easier to detect than ever, and it doesn’t even require a “digital examination”.


POC Tests for Prostate Specific Antigen

Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is an antibody produced by the body to fight cancer cells in the prostate. The body removes mutating cells from body tissues all the time – it’s a vital part of what the immune system does – but when a mutated cell reproduces and develops many more like it, a greater number of antigens are produced in response.

This happens with prostate cancer. Therefore, it’s possible to predict the existence of developing prostate cancer simply by measuring the concentration of PSA in the blood. Only a few parts per million will be detected in the blood for someone with prostate cancer, but it’s enough to make a fairly certain diagnosis – certainly enough to recommend further diagnostics for that patient.


The POC Test for PSA

A patient doesn’t have to have blood drawn for a test like this. The POC test provided by Hanson Medical Systems is a simple pin prick blood test. A drop of blood is put on a paper card, which is then sealed and delivered to a lab for processing. In just a few days, a patient can learn whether or not he is in current danger of developing prostate cancer, all from a quick visit to your company’s onsite clinic.

POC tests like this are a great way that an onsite clinic can promote employee health. Hanson Medical Systems can offer healthcare consulting services to help you understand how to use your onsite clinic in this way. Properly organized, an onsite clinic “decentralizes” the healthcare network. No longer do employees have to drive long distances for a simple checkup, wasting time in waiting rooms, only for a doctor to provide basic care. An onsite clinic is much more prepared to provide this care without taking all day to do it. This frees independent physicians to spend more time handling the problems that truly require their expertise.
In the end, the greatest tangible benefit may be to your employees. When an employee is able to identify the development of a chronic disease in time to prevent it from maturing, the benefit given to that individual can not be described.

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