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The Role of the Onsite Clinic in a Shifting Healthcare Landscape

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by Hanson Medical Systems

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Nobody knows what’s going to happen with American healthcare during the coming months. It’s possible that the Affordable Care Act will be left alone, partially repealed, or entirely replaced by the Republican/Trump alternative.

At Hanson Medical Systems, it’s not our job to comment on national healthcare legislation. We have to do our best within all political and legislative environments. If you operate an onsite clinic for employee health, you likely feel the same way.

Onsite clinics were a great way to react to the challenges of the Affordable Care Act transition. As costs rose for many individuals and healthcare providers, onsite clinics for corporate health cut costs for routine and preventative care.

Those savings are still inherent in the onsite clinic model, but in the event of a legal reversal of Obamacare, other strengths of the onsite clinic model will be revealed.

  1. Onsite Clinics Level the Playing Field at Work. It is possible that an alternative healthcare plan may do away with the Pre-existing Condition rule, or make it difficult for people without much extra money to afford healthcare. If you have an onsite clinic available for all employees on your payroll, this will meet the primary healthcare needs of all your workers, regardless of their ability to pay for outside care.


  • Onsite Clinics Reduce Corporate Costs for Insurance. It is likely that any ACA-alternative will still require employers to provide health insurance options to their employees. Whether or not these will be more expensive is yet to be seen. In the event that costs rise, the onsite clinic and a battery of POC tests for developing chronic conditions can help employees improve their health before it fails. Wellness is a lot cheaper than illness, and the onsite clinic is the best place in your business to push for the former.


  • Onsite Clinics are Agile and Versatile. One of the least-discussed benefits of the onsite clinic (which Hanson Medical Systems observes every day) is that they are much more agile and versatile than large, independent healthcare providers. It is very difficult for enormous hospitals to adapt systems and protocols when regulatory environments change. Though no one likes to learn new paperwork and software, these changes are much easier to respond to by small teams, like the ones who operate corporate onsite clinics. National healthcare transition periods are always hectic, and sometimes the patients are the ones that feel the pinch the most. Having an available onsite clinic that quickly adjusts during times of transition is a tremendous value to employees.

Hanson Medical Systems has existed through many different national healthcare program iterations. As technology, international politics and public opinion continue to push for change in this industry, we can only expect more evolution in the future. Hanson Medical Systems doesn’t think this is a bad thing. We always find new ways to offer affordable value to our clients, and we think you will be able to achieve the same improvements, especially with extra attention given to your onsite clinic.

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