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Take Your Employees Outside for Professional Wellness Month

professional wellness month
by admin

June is Professional Wellness Month. This year, get your employees outdoors to celebrate. You can promote wellbeing in many ways. Here are just a few ideas to start:

Host a Walking Competition

Walking will promote physical and mental health within your office. All your employees need are a good pair of shoes and a pedometer (available on most smartphones). Just 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and improves brain function. The extra time in the sun may boost their next vitamin D test too. Make this kind of employee wellness engaging and fun by turning it into a competition. Whoever can walk the most steps receives a prize.

Organize a Field Day

While popular on the elementary school playground, field days are just as fun and effective for adults. Most field days include activities that encourage teamwork and communication. Games like egg races, obstacle courses, and dodgeball can all be played. The more activities you can add to your day, the better. Top off your celebration with a picnic lunch. Although it might look like you are skipping out on a day of work, you will actually be working to build morale. Happy employees will increase corporate wellness long-term.

Run to Raise Money

Doing something good for others is not only great for the recipient, it helps the doer’s mental health as well. Choose an organization your company can support and host a 5K or charity run to raise money on its behalf. Get friends and family to pledge a donation and invite your community to the big event. Not only will your company get behind an important cause, you will motivate your staff to work toward something bigger than themselves.

Be One With Nature

Yoga is a great workout for any age, ability, or lifestyle. Its gentle motions and focus on strength and flexibility are ideal for improving physical health and clearing the overworked mind. Move the practice outside to let your staff put a physical barrier between them and their desk. This will help them give their wellbeing their full attention.

Hunt for Treasure

A corporate scavenger hunt is a great way to promote teamwork in the workplace. Create clues around a central theme and hide them in creative locations or popular sites. Take advantage of technology like smartphones and tablets for an interactive experience. Use the adventure as a way to introduce your employees to potential new clients to motivate them to grow their career.

Get a Bus

Dedicate one day this month to your employees physical health. One way to do this is by arranging for a mobile health bus. This on site clinic will come to your job site and offer your staff important health screening services. For this and other on-site ideas, contact Hanson Medical Systems, Inc. We can help you organize mobile health checks, point of care testing, and employee wellness programs. As a “woman owned business” we have the creativity and care to make healthcare work for you.

Take advantage of the summer sun to promote the wellbeing of your employees. There are plenty of opportunities you can take advantage of to improve their health, happiness, and careers. If you put in the effort to recharge them this June, you can be sure they will stay will productive all year long.

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