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“They do more than it takes. They are professional and experienced in wellness, diagnostics, point-of-care, and preventive healthcare. They are additionally very friendly and in touch with our needs and expectations. They truly believe in wellness and prevention through diagnostics.”

— Corporate Wellness Director, Fortune 500 Company in the Northeast


“Over the years we have tried various medical distributors for our in-office testing needs; but once we found Hanson we have not left. They are consistent and helpful and will match or beat anyone’s prices, but the difference is in their living and acting on true customer service and follow through. Our billings are up, our ease of operations has improved, and we have confidence in our medical supply partner.”

— Clinical Director, Large Cardiology Practice in the Southeast


“Wellness programs are now a staple for us and other employers for one reason – they work. When they are done right, companies like us realize a 300% to 400% ROI on wellness efforts. Specifically, data shows well-run wellness programs generate on average $3.27 in savings for every $1.00 spent. The reason wellness programs save us and other employers money is simple: Nearly 75 cents of every dollar spent on healthcare in the U.S. is to treat a preventable illness. If you can get employees and their dependents to live healthier and get sick less often, you can save a great deal. Hanson Medical has helped us execute this.”

— Corporate Wellness Director, Fortune 1000 Company in the Southeast


“We’ve been with Hanson since 1989 and won’t change no matter how many other medical sales reps call on us. These other reps are just order takers. Hanson people really know the products and how they work. They are experts in point-of-care testing and diagnostic products, and they have them when you need them.”

— Health Screening Company Program Director, in the Southeast


“When we have an order of the utmost importance, we feel completely secure in the knowledge that Hanson Medical Systems will send us exactly what we ordered and it will arrive when we need it. They always will do whatever it takes to get products to us and on time.”

— Marketing and Community Outreach, Large Teaching Hospital in the Southeast


“We enjoy and trust the personal relationship we have with Hanson Medical. We don’t feel like a number, we feel like friends and partners.”

— Pharmacy Director, Large Pharmacy Chain in the Southeast


“I switched our company to Hanson Medical because they can just make things happen that I didn’t think were possible. Other distributors I had used couldn’t always get my products to me when I really needed them, and so couldn’t meet my delivery deadlines, or they were backordered on products. Hanson Medical always meets my shipping and delivery deadlines and they have the products. I am thankful for this partnership.”

— Program Director, Large Health Screening Company in the Western U.S.


“The folks at Hanson Medical really know the wellness and prevention medical market. We have been with them since 1985 and will not leave for any other distributor.”

— Program Director, Large Hospital-Based Wellness Program in the Southeast


“They have helped my practice grow with in-office testing, on the spot patient test results for better patient education and compliance, keeping the billing for testing, and with regulatory compliance-luckily all CLIA-waived thus far. Hanson has been great as a consultative partner for our practice.”

— Leading M.D. Partner, Large Clinical Practice in the Southeast


“They seem to think of us as friends or partners, not just customers. They make my business their business.”

— Program Director, Large Corporate Wellness Company in the Mid-West


Our consultation services can be custom-tailored to your needs. We offer a variety of products and services including: healthcare consulting, point-of-care testing products, corporate wellness programs, health fairs, mobile health checks, and more.

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