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Three Vegetables to Enjoy This Summer for Employee Health

by Hanson Medical Systems

Spring and summer mean fresh veggies. Whether they come from a local farm or your own backyard, there’s nothing more healthy than a fresh, crunchy vegetable. Unfortunately, not everybody grew up in families that ate fresh veggies. If you or your employees need to increase vegetable intake, but don’t know how or why, here are some of the greatest vegetables in any garden and their associated benefits. Hanson Medical Systems unequivocally supports veggie eating in all its forms!



  • Cruciferous Greens. Cruciferous greens are from the brassica family. Brassicas are among the most nutritionally dense foods anywhere in the world. These include broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, and so much more. Brassicas ripen in the late spring and fall, though clever gardeners have been known to bring fresh brassicas into their lives all year round. Not only are brassicas packed with vitamins and minerals, they have some of the healthiest fiber of any vegetable. Fiber improves digestion, and has secondary benefits for the immune system and other bodily processes. Plus, brassicas and cruciferous greens just look cool! Have you ever seen a Romanesco Cauliflower?



  1. Herbs. Fresh herbs are dramatically underrated in the United States. Americans don’t cook at home as much as they used to and, as such, they’ve forgotten how to establish deep and complex flavors. Fresh herbs are the gateway to savory dishes from all traditions, and having a few in your kitchen, back yard, or office is a good way to promote their daily use. Not only are they tasty, herbs like Italian Parsley are incredibly nutritious. Plus, a large lavender bush will do as much as bug spray for keeping nasty mosquitoes out of your way.


  1. Peppers and Tomatoes. Peppers and tomatoes are two of the most rewarding vegetables to grow, though one is much more difficult to bring to fruition than the other. Both enjoy similar conditions: hot sun, good soil, and lots of water. From here, the similarity disappears. Peppers are incredibly prolific. Even a single bush will provide more peppers than can be eaten by a family, or even your whole office! Tomatoes can be prolific, but they require maintenance. Staking, sucker removal, and pest control are integral. Even then, bacterial infections and parasites can kill your harvest before it ripens. If you manage to stave off disaster and guide your tomatoes to maturity, you’ll be wowed with the most delicious ‘maters that have ever passed your lips. Both tomatoes and peppers of all varieties are packed with phytonutrients often absent from other veggies. Look for varieties that come in odd colors. Different coloration indicates different nutritional composition. When selecting tomatoes and peppers, remember to “eat the rainbow.”

Hanson Medical Systems has seen office gardens have a great effect on employee health and morale. While an onsite clinic can work wonders indoors, sometimes it’s natural wonders that have the greatest effect. Hanson Medical Systems has other gardening tips if you’re interested, so feel free to leave questions and statements in the comments!

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