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Thyroid Screening: A New Tool for Maintaining High Workforce Readiness

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by Hanson Medical Systems

The corporate world thrives on employees who are ready to work. Workforce readiness is more than meeting the requirements for a job, having the right attitude, or showing up on time. The physical, mental, and emotional health of employees plays a major role too. Healthcare screening is an important tool that helps employees combat potential health issues before they negatively impact the workplace and workforce readiness.

Thyroid screening, in particular, is a vital resource for diagnosing thyroid conditions. Current estimates place the number of Americans affected by undiagnosed thyroid disorders between 14 and 47 million. Chances are one of those individuals works for you. Thyroid symptoms can impact an individual’s readiness to work, and that is just the start of why screening should matter to you.

Why Does Thyroid Screening Matter?

Thyroid conditions can go unnoticed for years. Doctors do not routinely perform thyroid testing on patients unless they seriously suspect a thyroid condition to be the root of an ongoing medical issue. Many symptoms associated with thyroid conditions such as weight gain, weight loss, or depression are usually written off as lifestyle problems, and the subtle progression of symptoms can be easily missed.

This is a problem because patients are not usually treated for thyroid conditions until their symptoms greatly impact their day-to-day living, including their productivity at work. At the peak of their symptoms, individuals may have already suffered performance issues or poor attendance due to their undiagnosed illness.

Thyroid screening is simple and can be done with something called a POC test. POC tests, or point of care diagnostic testing, can be done in just a few moments and does not even require a trip to a physician’s office.  Hanson Medical Systems, Inc. offers the HMS Diagnostic TSH-Thyroid test and onsite testing services. By bringing office wellness programs to your workplace, chronic health conditions can be addressed that may have otherwise gone unnoticed for years.  

How Does Thyroid Screening Help Employees and Their Employers?

A POC test for chronic healthcare conditions such as thyroid disorders can be one of the most important strategies of primary healthcare. It can save employees and companies time and money, and most importantly, prevent life-threatening consequences of undiagnosed illnesses. The more informed employees are about their health and the more resources they have to screening and education, the healthier they will be overall.

Corporate wellness translates into energized employees, fewer days missed at work, and a less stressed workforce. Healthy employees also translate into dollars saved all around. Screening for conditions such as thyroid disorders helps companies save on rising healthcare costs and financial losses due to employees missing work for health-related reasons.  Likewise, screening can save individuals money by addressing chronic conditions before they are discovered after lengthy and expensive testing, or during unexpected emergency room visits.  

Being an advocate for employee wellness sets you apart from other companies in your industry. Employees know that their employers care about what they can bring to the table in terms of performance, but they also want to know that their company cares about them as people too. By offering preventative healthcare and medical screening opportunities, you are investing in your employees to a degree that many other companies will not. Taking initiatives for your employees like thyroid screening sets the stage for long-term workforce readiness.  


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