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A Vegetarian Answer for Employee Health

by Hanson Medical Systems

Hanson Medical Systems advocates for a variety of methods that result in better employee health levels. This problem can be approached from multiple angles: preventative methods like POC tests, or remediative methods like medications. However, the best way for employees to avoid illness is by making healthy lifestyle choices when they are at home. One of the best ways to do this is by going vegetarian.

Why is Vegetarianism Healthy?

The healthy benefits of vegetarianism result from more variables than you might think. Here are a few.

  • Calories and Satiation: Veggies have a lot of physical bulk without tipping the scales when it comes to calories. 100 calories of spinach takes up much more room in your stomach than 100 calories of steak. When meals are primarily composed of vegetables, we feel satisfied quickly, having consumed a very reasonable amount of calories.
  • Fiber: Insoluble plant fiber is one of the most important aspects of digestion. Efficient digestion has a role in immune system health, regularity, the prevention of diabetes, and so much more. Most Americans don’t get enough dietary fiber, specifically because they don’t eat enough vegetables.
  • Heart Health: The nutrient choline has been linked to heart disease. Present in meat and fish, choline has been proven to adversely affect heart health, even when provided in supplement form. One day science may produce heart-healthy meat, but until that day, it’s better to rely on vegetables for dietary heart health.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Vegetables are the best way to introduce vital vitamins and minerals into an individual’s diet. Cruciferous greens like kale and broccoli provide the biggest nutrition punch per ounce, though countless other vegetables are not far behind. Non-vegetarians who add a daily vegetable smoothie will enjoy a healthy boost as well.

How to Promote Vegetarianism in the Workplace

It’s easy to make inappropriate suggestions and observations about employees’ lifestyle and food choices. On the other hand, by simply making small changes to the workplace environment, you can cause an uptick in healthy eating habits like vegetarianism.

Provide educational literature through your onsite clinic. Recommend heart health POC tests for all employees. Add items like blenders to your work kitchen to make it easier for people to eat veggies onsite. Offer vegetarian food options through the company for healthy everyday snacking. As an executive, you can also choose to model the change. Bring a homemade green smoothie into work in the mornings, or choose the healthy eatery when it’s your turn to choose the place to eat for lunch.
When vegetarianism becomes a habitual lifestyle, practitioners learn to love the veggies they eat every day. Some people were raised to dislike vegetables, but becoming accustomed to them (and learning to prepare them in delicious ways) brings an accompanying sense of enjoyment. This enjoyment is also due to the subtle health improvements that vegetarianism precipitates. Hanson Medical Systems can help your onsite clinic act as a hub for healthy living alternatives, like vegetarianism. Just ask us how!

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