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Will Primary Healthcare Change Under the Trump Administration?

american healthcare under trump administration
by Hanson Medical Systems

Lots of people are paying attention to the way the new Donald Trump Presidency impacts issues all around the United States. No matter what your political preferences happen to be, you’ve observed with the rest of us how Trump’s policy decisions have created quite a hubbub in the United States, and around the world. As the current administration settles in for the long haul, one of the most conspicuous American issues they are likely to deal with is healthcare.

Hanson Medical Systems is in the business of American healthcare. We provide healthcare consultation services to healthcare providers in the public and private sector, for businesses and communities. Due to the revolutionary nature of the Affordable Care Act initiated during the previous administration, Hanson Medical Systems’ practice had to operate under a specific set of novel new changes. We are prepared to do business in a new regulatory environment. But what will those regulations be?

Possibilities for Trump Healthcare

The short answer is: nobody knows. While the Affordable Care Act had a difficult rollout and contributed to higher premiums for some, it did extend health coverage to tens of millions of previously uninsured Americans. Hanson Medical Systems reacted by helping businesses and communities to provide primary healthcare at much more affordable rates, for citizens and employee health. Our POC tests and other primary healthcare resources help onsite clinics and similar facilities save trips to independent medical facilities (as well as the higher costs involved).

It is possible that the new Administration will decide not to change anything. If this occurs, Hanson Medical Systems will keep doing what we do best, in the same way we’ve done it for the past several years. But what happens if the Affordable Care Act is eliminated or drastically changed?

Again, nobody knows specifically. But there are some likely outcomes that should be on the mind of citizens and voters. It is likely that any change would result in fewer healthcare subsidies being distributed by the federal government. In this event, it would likely be difficult for low-income individuals to be able to afford their current level of healthcare. In a situation like this, community- and workplace-based healthcare providers would become an even greater number of individuals.

If certain segments of the ACA were reversed, like the requirement for insurers to accept patients with pre-existing conditions, the need for affordable primary healthcare available through multiple channels would be all the more relevant.

The Fundamental Requirements of Healthcare Stay the Same

Whatever happens, the fundamental requirements of public healthcare remain the same. At this point in history, American healthcare has three major imperatives 1) Quality, 2) Affordability, and 3) Access to the Most People Possible. No matter what national healthcare plan is enacted, it is hard to maintain a balance between these three pillars.
Hanson Medical Systems focuses primarily on the first two. Our POC Tests and other primary healthcare resources provide quality, affordable care, wherever they are dispensed. As a business, we also hope that the third pillar can be addressed by our business: that the resources we provide would be dispersed to as many people as possible. With a lot of possibilities in the air regarding the future of American healthcare, we at Hanson Medical Systems look forward to seeing how the Trump administration will implement changes.

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