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Does Your Company Need a Health Fair for Women’s Health?

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by Hanson Medical Systems


There are plenty of great reasons to host a health fair for your business, but what about a health fair specifically for women’s health?  Well, there are multiple benefits to taking care of the women in your organization.

Everyone knows that a healthy work force is typically a much happier work force.  The health risks and factors that women have are often very different from general health.  Consider these primary reasons to have a health fair for women.


They Are Key to Your Work Force

Women account for around half of the entire work population.  That percentage is expected to increase over the next several years as women attend universities at a rate higher than that of men.  Keeping them apprised of health benefits and coaching them to maintain a healthy lifestyle will achieve great results.  The morale and awareness of your company may benefit.  Women are a vital part of the work force and are often great communicators as well.  It is imperative that you offer health awareness activities geared towards women’s health.


Women’s Health Can Be Private

 Some female health concerns can be difficult to talk about or else very private.  Having a health fair that is intended solely for women will allow them more freedom to openly discuss some of these topics.  Being able to talk about these types of issues is a key step in generating more knowledge and awareness.  That knowledge to lead healthier daily lives will be a huge step toward achieving a higher level of overall wellness for the women in your work force.

Giving the women in your organization a health fair tailored to suit their needs and address concerns specific to their wellness is a great idea.  Topics such a breast cancer awareness and cervical cancer are important topics that are often ignored in general health fairs.  A health fair for women’s health can address these sensitive subjects in depth and spread awareness.


Women Face Unique Health Challenges

 Women in the work force may need a specific health fair for women’s health because they face unique health challenges.  You can use these to teach women how to deal with health issues that they may experience with age.  Subjects such as menstruation and menopause are topics where women could use additional resources and information.

As we age, men and women will face separate and unique health challenges and risks.  Women also face many mental health concerns, especially as they have children or reach the later stages of a career.  Giving them key information can help them be more comfortable and healthier in their daily lives as well.

I hope you understand the benefits of general health fairs.  Even further, you should consider hosting a health fair for women’s health.  What better way to improve the wellness of your employees and let ladies know that they are valued contributors?  Their health is very important, and you can implement this type of awareness activity to address the unique health concerns and situations of your female workforce.

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